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Tie Dye
Written at Tuesday, March 31, 2009 | back to top

I overheard my "disowned father" speak to my little sister (when my mom was nearby) about me and my older sister. He said that he could care less about us and that he doesn't by us anything. And just a few days ago, I was willing to be kind to him. I guess he has a reason to be mad at me, but I have a big reason to be angry with him. And if you don't know the reason then I'll tell you. One day, he came storming into me and my sister's room ask for the phone, his sister was down stairs (in the living room) and was no help in the situation because she's afraid of her brother-what a jerk, and so, comes into our room asking for the phone when my big sister is trying to make an appointment for my little sister to get her teeth fix-something he should be doing seeing as how he is the parent (but also may I remind you of this person's past, he has a habit or "use" of using drugs) and so he beginnings to wail out on my sister and he slaps the phone of her ear. I'm not sure if I saw it correctly but when I was asked by the police if he did I said because after all those hard times and etc. of him beating me down <-that was my pay back and it has not been paid in full, he has possibly physical and emotional scared me for life-not to mention my brothers and sisters. And time after time my mother always takes his side as if nothing is wrong. How can you love someone who abuses you and your kids. The other day, like last week "child service" or an organization who somewhat cares for the well fare of kids, comes and questions about my little brother falling in sleep in class, I don't know why CS had to be called in but whatever, and right then and there I wanted to tell them so badly that we were getting abused my that "man". Oh yeah, after that police incident, my mother didn't talk to me or my sister for a week or two. I'm tempted to not to talk to her now but I need my tamagotchi angel plus it's also lonely talking to my older sister who goes ranting on to her friends and talks about other family members or people in general-which makes me feel really uncomfortable.
So basically, the only thing I really have to myself are tamagotchis-because they are these little eggs that you can raise, and I raise them well because the always come out as the highest of all tamagotchis-but never the rarest-sadly. I don't think any tamagotchi collection has gotten at least one rare tamagotchi. And that's why I rant about them so much and because I love them. Also I have this blog, but I don't know, I feel slightly uncomfortable about posting this. Well, anyway back to the situation, I know I was wrong in one way-but just one or possibly 2 ways, and even if it was 10 ways he 's been wrong in so many ways I can't even count. I might have liked him when I little because I was young and pathetic but now I'm much wiser and braver. And when I say braver, I mean my brothers and sister and even my mom are afraid of that man-I feel on that day I proved to him that I'm way stronger because him and my sister held in fate in our hands even for that little moment. And somewhat I wish I could back to that moment where people were questioning me about why I wasn't speaking (because he gave me a busted lip) and tell them the real reason and not just shake my head or look away from them. My life really is chaotic and I wonder if I did something very bad in my past life...

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Bubblegum Bliss
Written at | back to top

Today I'm happy because I got honors in 2 classes, or you could say 3. I count Spanish 3 an honors course in my school because not everyone is going to be in Spanish 3 next year, there either going to be in Spanish 2 or Spanish 1 again. Oh anyway, I got honors in English and History. I love history dearly, but english-wow. My english is not all that great, and plus I give my teacher a hard time sometimes so I'm really surprised. I really wanted science honors but today I got back a hard test and failed tremendously! So, I guess that was for the best,right?
Tomorrow I have to go to this building called Sunshine School and pick up a paper saying I can work, but not offically. I have to wait one more year to be offical. And when I get my first paycheck-wow, I shall spend it on tamagotchis.
And speaking of tamagotchis on Friday since I got 2 honors courses my mother will let me purchase a tamagotchi angel, I always wanted one you know.

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Written at Monday, March 30, 2009 | back to top

YAY! I feel the need to post this here, since it's my blog. My mimitchi- met a simasimatchi and together they had a boy! I knew it. And also after that Hanachan won an award for hiphop. I want her to win one in rock or asian music or even pop, but she won one for hiphop. Well, you can't do much but be happy,right? I'm happy for her, she deserves it. With the boy I hope I raise a mametchi. But we'll have to see. Both hanachan and the other guy are here with the boy. What should I name it? Hiro,Maru,mariko? or Ken? Lol, Aiba?

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Mirror Purple
Written at | back to top

I don't know why, but I went back to an old old site I use to visit back in 2007 and got all my blog post from there and put the on this blog. For, I plan to keep this blog longer than you can imagine, and not until I die, but that would be nice. People reading how I lived my life long ago. If and when I become famous, I not sure if I want this blog known because I share my secrets and ectera on this blog. I would give examples but I'll just have you read my blog from beginning to end-that sound fun to me.
Maybe I shouldn't have add the entries now that I think of it. It's mostly about my obsession with tamagotchis and how I once was panicking because I didn't receive my tamagotchi suku pink on time. But that's ok I added them anyway. And if I didn't delete my older blog I would probably have over 200 blog entries by now. But that's ok. I'm almost there. This will be my 180th post, isn't that grand?! Without the tamagotchi entries I would be at 160 right now. But anyway, enough talk about that. When I reach 200 post I shall throw another celebrate like last time when I reach 50 and then 100 posts. Can't wait, can you?
^Like the new tamagotchi emotions I found~

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Feudal Gray
Written at | back to top

There are many things on my mind. First, what happened at gym. When we were playing hockey yes, I was still looking like an idiot, but also at the end of class I got stuck or should I say locked in the girl's lockeroom. It was embarrassing and not to mention said. Like I said early I'm shy in school and also sometimes at home. I don't talk much or any at that. And also today some weird girl want me to curse-what a moron. I was walking home from school and I stopped waiting to cross the street and all of sudden my school skirt goes up in the air. And the guy who driving the truck, stops for a moment and stares...what a pervert! I'm thinking of curling my hair, it straight now, but I want it curly. Do you think I would look ok,like this?

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Jumping Orange
Written at | back to top

Before I go to bed, I just want to say, I'm almost done with my Genghis Khan interview paper, and I must say I'm a little proud of me. Proud that I actually did it and not go to sleep right away, like I was going to 6 minutes ago. I'm almost done, but I think I really should pack it now. It's going to be a long day, especially if I have gym which I do, I might sit this one out,because I'm really tired of hockey, and what's weird is, just last week I was saying to my friend how much fun it was going to be, it's really not fun.

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Midnight Blue
Written at Sunday, March 29, 2009 | back to top

It's raining and thundering here...and it's music to my ears! All last month and the month before that it's been snow,snow, and more snow. Here raindrops and seeing lighting is very comforting. I have a project to do in a little while, but I don't think I'll do it. Well, maybe, I'm really lazy I can't help it! Anyway, I'm doing this new program where you take surverys for points, so far so good, I'm already at 190 points. The real problem I have with the site is the possible shipping. I don't want the markers of the site to know where I live,haha.
But I do want my reward for taking all these surverys. So far I have 3000 more points to go before I get my 2 tamagotchis I want. I know it's really bad for me to be doing this,but...
I'm a fiend when it comes to tamagotchis-I will literally and obviously do anything for these cute little egg creatures. Besides I read the testomonies and looked at reviews at the all are safe, not one bad or disagreeing.
Well, I doing to continue to take the surveys now and do my project around...10 o'clock. It's weird because at 8:00, I said I would do the project at 9. And it's 9 now and I'm still not doing it-I guess I would do the project if I actually understood it!

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Seaweed Green
Written at | back to top

My tamagotchi is by far popular. so far I've been raising it well. I think it's time I got away from the stresses, of my life. Lol, that was weird because just a few minutes ago I was complaining about what's bothering me. But then my tamagotchi beeped at me and now I'm happy again. I just found out that MM members love tamagotchis,also. To be exact Junjun and Eri-especially. I also realized that I have a lot in common with Junjun it's actually, scary, because when 8th gen MM came out, I was sworn to dislike this girl for a few reason, which now I realize are really lame and childish. But anyway, my tamagotchi is going quite well. Here are some stats:

So far I have taught Hana well, she is a mimitchi,you know. She one of the great ones!
I'm really proud of her for getting 1st place in the star rank. Yesterday she had 2nd and 3rd place. Her stress is ok, 49 out 100 is good correct, if it gets to 100 she could die or at least not listen to me,anymore-seeing that she's almost as lazy as I am.
Today, me and her shall go to Tamatown. Oh yeah, did I mention I even take her to school,yeah she hates there also. Well, me and Hana are going to go,now. Bye!

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Written at | back to top

Today it's gray and white outside. I really love it when it's like this. But sometimes I don't. I have many things on my mind, to name a few:
1.I have no idea what to do about my history project
2.My friend called me out the blue, and I'm confused
3.I want to go outside and swing, but I don't want to leave my sister and brother here in the house alone.
4.My tamagotchi-Hana, asks very weird. Why?
5.I think my new favorites in MM is Junjun or Eri, but I still like linlin of course
6.All my tamagotchi and linlin book of photos are gone.
7.American idols now are a days are really lame.
8.I wonder how many days of school, I have. I want it to all be over. We get out for SB on april 10.
9.Should I watch YAMD? I don't know,really..
10.I hate homework.
11.I have gym tomorrow and I 100% hate gym, I seriously hate it~!
12.At night, every since I saw that scary movie, I watch my back more than ever now.

Just a few things going on in my mind. #1 and #11 is really eating at me.
I was going to call my friend and ask but I don't have her number and my other friend has no idea what we are doing! I really don't want to go to school tomorrow, but I have to,sadly. I think I've missed to many days.

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Seal Brown
Written at Saturday, March 28, 2009 | back to top

Yesterday, my sister got married, it was a super small wedding, it wasn't a big wedding where you see people in white beautiful dresses and cake with wedding singers-none of that. It was just a simple wedding taken place at city hall. I was really hoping that they would go have a huge wedding-or at least that's what I would like. Both my mom and sister got married the simple way-and possibly my grandmother...but I want to be married the big way with lots of people, dressed yellow and white and in a chapel. But I will have to way, possibly for a long time.
After that, for what seems like a honeymoon for them but just a fun time for me, we went to go see a scary movie, it was super scary. The movie was called Haunting of Connecticut. I really don't remember much of the movie, maybe my brain deleted it for me, when I was little I sort of programmed my brain to that. Anyway, from what I remember the movie wasn't so scary. The only thing that made the movie scary was the sound affects and the "burned creature/boy" Hey...did you know I'm an alien. Just a really tall alien~(^_^)

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Wedding White
Written at Friday, March 27, 2009 | back to top

In possibly 10 to 15 minutes my sister shall be married, I'm happy for her, but I'm not sure if what she is doing/or going to do is correct. The man she is going to marry is ok. Just ok-for her I want her to marry the best. When they are going to get married when the guy who shall be wedding them says: "Does anyone object?". I should say me,right? No, I shouldn't let her be happy. If this is what she really wants, I must be the good sister I know I am and support her.
Momo and Teri WTF!<-I'm never going to do that again.

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Office Green
Written at Thursday, March 26, 2009 | back to top

I was just cleaning up my blog profile and I realized that I had many layouts of Changmin, well layouts that I already used or was going to. Here are some previews:
,, , , , ,
I sadly deleted them, but I kept the codes so if anyone wants the layouts oaf anything just email me. Oh yeah, I threw in the Micky one just for kicks.

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Written at | back to top

Today I was suppose to see someone after school for my Japanese lessons. It's a long walk to get there at least 7 or 10 miles. So I walk there and the lady was not there. You don't know how mad I was. Luckily, my mom saw me halfway up the street both times when I was walking home and walking towards the lady's house and gave me lift home. I'm still tired just thinking about it. Actually, in gym today we were playing hockey and I was running after the ball and... it was embarrassing, I don't want to talk about it.
Also today I had chose this layout, because I'm currently reading a novel about a fairy who's the long lost daughter of an ancient princess. The novel's themes and characters remind me of this layout, so that's why I chose this layout. It's cool, isn't?
I think people should read more, many people don't read. And when I say read I do not mean fanfics. Fanfics are very short, and even though some are well-written I do not think it's real reading that you can hold in your hands and flip through page after page.
But oh well, if people like this kind of reading, it's ok. As long as your having fun and reading it should ok,right?

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Written at Wednesday, March 25, 2009 | back to top

As the days keep getting longer, my older sister keeps getting more and more annoying. First of all, I know she's pregant and prone to get annoyed and etc. But really she does not have to take all her frustation out on me, like sometimes she randomly hits me and yell, she's highly annoying. I didn't tell her to let that boy do that her, so I should be the only one suffering-actually, I should be suffernig at all. And second of all, she thinks that since she has a baby, she's forced to get married to this man who is really annoying-just like her a childish. I don't know about you but I think she really screwy. Actually just talking about her is making me tired. I'm going to go to bed now,goodnight. Oh yeah, I entered into a H!O contest, I hope get 1st prize and when the Maasa shirt and wrist band! Wish me luck,ok?

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Steel Blue
Written at Tuesday, March 24, 2009 | back to top

YAY! Today is my mom's birthday. I left school early because I had cramps and because it was my mom's birthday (this reason hit me later), well I got into a fight with my sister today-nothing usual and my brother is acting very weird. I really dislike him at times. For the rest of my mom's birthday I shall be silent and not say anything-because I don't want to ruin the rest of her birthday, it always seems like whenever I open my mouth, trouble always happens, this does not apply to school. With myself not liking DBSK anymore, I moved on to other idols group and one that I currently love in Morning Musume-I like this group but mainly for Qian Lin she's my idol, because she went to a new foreign land and has made it into a really big group. And I always like Berryz Koubou, ever since 2007 or 2006. Anyway, I shall continue my day as normal. Checking up on my tamagotchi once in a while and doing my homework later-much later.

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GumDrop Peach
Written at Monday, March 23, 2009 | back to top

I was just on Kpop secrets, and I realized something that I agree with them on, for a long time I've been dreading it and not wanting to talk about it because I have a lot of friends online that worship DBSK and SuJu, but I think it's time to say it. For the past few weeks I've been trying to avoid DBSK, and it's worked-I only ran into them 1-3 times and they were no big deal. But anyway, I think DBSK is starting to become really overrated now and it's starting to really irk me, really to the point where I don't want to be a fan anymore. I'll admit that I was a very obessed DBSK fan. But the DBSK fans are HIGHLY annoying, I can't tell you how annoying they are in text. They're everywhere,forums,youtube, livejournal, and even on blogger. But the real place to pick them out is on youtube and also the STAND forum(yup, I once was a STANDer),wow, I feel like I'm giving out my secrets and my secret life-whatever. I don't want to be a DBSK fan because the fangirls really give other fangirls a bad name-there crazy and they like to hog the DBSK to themselves, and I really hate it to pieces, I know I use to do that with Changmin but it's obvious I grown up and fell out of love with him and another DBSK member. When you look at them for a long time you realize that they aren't as "beautiful" or "sexy"<-(I hate that word.) as they once were when you first started to like them. So far DBSK has ran my life for about 1-2 years, I think that's a little early in the game to give them up but there really starting to get annoying. There overrated for no real reason, I don't even think there that talented and the fan base is huge, people get so worked up about them. Do you really think a DBSK member will marry you or pick you one day as there wife? No. I don't think so. I don't hate DBSK I just think there getting lame and old. And if I can cut SHINee off, I can DBSK off. I shall be spending my extra fan girling support on important underrated bands like F.T. Island,SS501,Epik High, they actually deserve the extra fangirls, versus DBSK. And as of STAND, I use to be an anti, but I'm really tired of hating them when they don't even know we exist. So instead I'll call myself a neutral to them or at least a semi-fan. I just think...that maybe I don't really have time for all the nonsense of the DBSK world. And for all you fans out there I just want to say that you guys are very strong, hang in there,ok?

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Venetian Red
Written at | back to top

You're probably wondering what the heck the EXmotchi is. I'm wondering about it also. Here's what I found:
As part of EXILE’s Perfect Year celebration, they will be releasing a electronic game device called “EXmochi” which is based from Tamagotchi. The characters of EXmochi will be all the members of EXILE and EXILE’s mobile mascot.

They had a collaboration with Bandai in celebration of Tamagotchi’s 12th year anniversary. EXILE is the 2nd artist to launch their own Tamagotchi since GLAY did it 4 years ago.

EXmochi will be launched on November and will come in 2 colors, white and red.

The sales of the EXmochi is projected to be at 200,000 units.

And pictures:

I really want the red one...and the white one. They look so cool, I already contacted a person about this tamagotchis, but maybe I shouldn't have...I don't have any money <(^_^)

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Sunflower Yellow
Written at | back to top

I'm sort of happy,sort of upset. Happy because I got a new tamagotchi to add to my collection, it's called Tamagotchi:Music Star, which is basically v6. The sad part is yesterday I spend the day,mostly crying and moping because my tamagotchis' are all gone, someone threw them out. I'm really...What the word. It's starts with a P and ends with an D. And in between is two Ss'. That's about as close to the word as I can get. I mean really-I'm very upset. When I get 100 dollars for my report card and hopefully it's very good. I shall study for math test, maybe later. Maybe (^_^). I hope I get a really good report card so I can get all the tamagotchis I lost and want. For example:
Tamagotchi V2
Tamagotchi V3
Tamagotchi V4
Tamagotchi V4.5
Tamagotchi V5
Tamagotchi Angel
Tamagotchi Morino and possible Exmotchi.
I really want a Exmotchi!!!!

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Baby Blue
Written at Sunday, March 22, 2009 | back to top

Today I woke up early in the morning, compelled to find my tamagotchi, that I kept all on an orange lanyard, so far I found nothing. I'm just hoping my sister who stole a while ago, didn't take them and sold them off to her friends. Oh, please say she didn't. Anyway,I'm going to keep looking,please have faith in me.

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Written at Saturday, March 21, 2009 | back to top

I can't believe I got it wrong, usually I'm always right. I all of today I stressing about a book I was suppose to finish for English class-it due on Monday. I thought today was Sunday. I say this because I told my sister to go to bed for she had school and she said no we don't, so I clicked on my computer calendar and she's right-for once. Sorry, aaleio XD.
This is a relief, I can finally go to bed with out any worries, I really feel like laughing at myself. All day I've been looking up tamagotchis and now I'm scrambling around doing homework,etc. I'm a very crazy girl-but whatever, I shall, continue to do my homework for tomorrow I can spend all day tomorrow looking up more tamagotchis. Hey, did you know they have a tamagotchi based on one of my favorite japanese boy bands,EXILE?

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Condor Beak
Written at | back to top

It's morning here in New York, actually 9:43 a.m. to be exact. It's really cold in my house because the heater is broken. I was just thinking of something that has irked for...ever!
My little sister gets away with everything, and when I say little I mean far from in body mass terms-she really big(the polite way of saying it) and she's only 10 or 11 years of age. She's really annoying. For the past week, she hassled my mom to go and let her have laptop back and after my mom took it away because she stole(this was her punishment and it only lasted 3 days!) If it was me I would have gotten my laptop took away for a good 2-3 weeks to a month. I think this is really unfair. And please, when you read this don't think about the "little sister" part, she is far from, she sneaky,evil and mean, and she looks older than I do. If it wasn't for my height over hers, you would think that she was the older sister, and not me. Now, moving on to my 1st brother, or the middle child in our family of 6(including my dog Copper-Lilly). He's really starting to get taller than me, even though I put him down for that because I want to be tall forever(well not anymore), I'm really proud of him, I would tell him that, but he's too wrap up in the social scene to even care about family sometimes...(-_-;)
Well, I just needed to get that out of my head, thanks for listening, I hope to see you again.

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French Rose
Written at Friday, March 20, 2009 | back to top

So I didn't go to school today, but-I had to beg and beg-which really I shouldn't have to do. All this week it seems like I've been looking at all the post I have on my blog. I noticed countless errors in my sentences and what not, and how I really use to be very funny,cute and carefree. Nowadays I really don't see it. I wish to gain this person back-this I had known just only *counts on hands* last year-no, the year before. Wait! 4th grade me, I was so peacefully then and even the 5th grade me, I don't really like the 6th grade me, and the 3rd grade me was very much a crybaby. The 9th grade is very shy and the 8th grade me was very outgoing. All these personalities I had and I never really thought about them or liked as much as I do now. I made a chart at the end of this post to show you the transition of all of my personalities.

And I think that everyone has to admit that over the years there personalities have changed and etcera.
Anyway, my day, it went ok, I guess. I had a day off(meaning I didn't go) and I went traveling, (^_^) Not really, I just went with my sister to go run errands for her and my mom. It's was a fun day I believe. I just ate a while ago, but I'm hungry again OTL, what is wrong with me?!

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Kelly Green
Written at Thursday, March 19, 2009 | back to top

I was just looking back on some of the blog posts I posted a while ago, and I was just thinking. Wow, my interest hop around and also possibly that I grew up. In my earlier post...I think I was obsessed with DBSK-innocent then. But now I'm obsessed with my image and other stuff... do you think I grew up? No, nevermind, I don't want you look back at my previous entries, they are so embarrassing < ^^. Please don't look back whatever you do. But if you feel you must, then I guess it's ok, but please don't laugh at me...actually, I think I should confess something. I think that maybe I should make this blog private-I thought about this for a long time but I don't know...nevermind, I'll erase this thought! I went back to old forum again, this time it's called Hello! Online in other words called H!O(short), I like it there but sometimes it gets really boring, my username there is...after I just said it was boring at times I don't think I should give out my username, OTL. I shall try and stay active, but really I haven't been on that site for a long time and I feel so out of place because there are a lot of new people. Is it just me but don't just hate it when new people join something that you've been on for such a long time? WAH! It's just me?! Ok...sorry. Ok, I shall go to sleep now, I have a long day ahead of me. That is, if I choose to go to school tomorrow or not. I'm leaning towards no, but I don't know what my mom will say.

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Today-in the beginning I was not happy. I was very tired and kept being mean to people. I'm sorry everyone! I had a good talk with my teacher,Lilly. She is a very wise lady. She's 78 years old. This is old because she's older than own grandmother! But anyway, I was talking to her about how much I hate my father-and she said, well, you shouldn't hate him, you should be thanking him, at first it was very weird but then she explained. Her reason made sense. But she doesn't know the physical and emotional scars I have now,because of him. A part of me would like to forgive him but another part of me says that he just can't be forgiven. I don't know what to do. Maybe in the next life I'll try and give him another chance or maybe when I get older...but even then I highly doubt it.
I'm eating now and my mom is starting to complain-she says I'm getting too much. Should I remind her I'm a 5"7-5"6 tall girl with needs~I mean I can eat a lot, and when I say a lot I mean it. Today I received some of the things I ordered online. I only got these two today.

I couldn't help but think of Junsu when I bought the duck nails,lol, I'm wearing them on my fingers right now as I type.
More should come by tomorrow,believe.

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Written at Sunday, March 15, 2009 | back to top

I was just thinking about something. You know the new Namie Amuro single: Wild/DR. I really love both songs a lot lately. So, I'm thinking about buying the single. You know the song Dr. I can relate to it. Especially this part.
I cant seem to find a better place
I've been wondering despite the time
I am not the same person anymore
I keep changing, but change is good right.
I too only just remember just a few years ago when I had my mind on finding friends and keeping friends, family was very important to me then. Last year, it was about finding new friends. This year it's about keeping my shy,pure image at home,school and anywhere intact. It's really hard managing me feelings, well, sort of not. I also agree with the I can't seem to find a better place-at home is not good, I no longer feel safe and my mother is always having mood-swings. So I agree the lyrics alot,and that's why it's one of my favorite Namie Amuro songs, plus it's change from all of her fast paced songs.
Haha, lately I've been quite the Namie Amuro fan girl. I'm listening to all the old songs and single I have of her and just 10 hours ago I order some old fanclub things of hers. And soon by this week or next week I hope to have the Wild/Dr. single soon.
Wow, I'm glad I got that off chest-it's been bugging me a lot recently.

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Written at | back to top

What the heck! I went to and found this out:
All eyes are on Canada as it prepares to host the 2010 Winter Olympics. This extra attention will bring increased scrutiny and comes with the added responsibility of setting a positive example for the world. That's why we are calling on the Vancouver Olympic Organizing Committee to help stop the Canadian seal slaughter.
During Canada's annual war on seals, hundreds of thousands of seals are killed for their skin in the most horrific ways imaginable. Seals stand no chance against club-wielding trappers who are after their fur, and they must look on as fellow pups are bludgeoned to death before meeting the same bloody fate.
These seals, many of whom are only weeks old when they're barbarically killed, have their skulls smashed in or are shot point-blank by hunters who are driven by profit and greed. The anguish that a mother seal feels as she watches her baby being beaten to death just a few feet away from her is horrifying and can be heard in her desperate cries and seen in her attempts to get to her baby.
Last year, more than 205,000 individual seals were killed during the massacre, which is nothing more than a money-making scheme orchestrated by professional fishers, and Canada will soon begin its annual merciless attack on seals for their fur. We need you to speak up for seals now and demand a permanent end to the cruel seal slaughter.
And I thought only Americans were means. Canadians sure are mean! And what do you know. We have another killing for the fur. How disturbing! Why would you want to kill a precious animal like the Seal, who I believe is almost extinct. With only 100 million animals are really extinct your children or your grandparents children will probably never see the Seal or any other animals at all. I'll make sure I don't watch the Olympics next year. And just think a Seal mother watching her poor babies get beaten to death, so they can be woren on a humans wist or on their shoulders. And this is why animals rebel so much under human control. Some humans can be so rude, this is also another reason why I hate people. And I thought my father was mean....even though if he had a golf club he would probably do the same thing.
Please stand tough baby seals, I shall donate to this charity soon.

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These shoes here, aren't they cute? Really, do you like them. Well, here's some info on these shoes, that you love so much or think that they are so cute~.

Care to strut around with some real dead animals on your feet? Designer Bruno Frisoni for Roger Vivier not only thinks you do, but he's willing to bet that at least some of us are willing to pay through the nose for the privilege. The Dovima, as the shoe is known, is beautiful (and slightly creepy) thanks to the rose pink-dyed taxidermy birds perched delicately on each toe. Each stuffed bird also has a crystal-encrusted head and is further complemented by 24 ct gold-coated mesh, silk, ribbons, and crocodile-skin rosettes. Plus every pair comes with special protective crocodile or snakeskin platforms that attach before you wear them to keep the shoes from ever touching the ground. All for just $43,000 and three months of waiting after you order. -credit

Why don't you just wear dead people on your feet! Animals are already going extinct due to global warming, and now this! First of all I find it really disgusting that using small inoccent birds that probably were just hatched out of their nest not too long ago, and then humilating them by making them wear some goldish-sliver centerpiece on their heads! This is really horrible. I think there's a fine line between classy and just plain disgusting. Not to mention that you have to pay 43K for these horrible shoes, not to mention that only rich people can only wear these shoes. I think American Fashion is so stupid, actually I mean French Fashion is so stupid. The person who made these shoes majors in both American and French Fashion-so both are really dumb. I can picture my grandmother buying these shoes, I will tell her about these shoes and hope she does not buy these shoes. Also, the crocodile skin rosettes. I'm not a big fan of crocodile but I think this is a really horrible death for them. When I see animal skin on shoes,purses,clothing or anything I think that're still alive and dying slowly-if that makes any sense.
Basically, I just find this really disgusting, I'm tempted to write the maker of this shoe and totally scream at them or call PETA to protest on animal cruetly and other charges. Seriously, what was this guy thinking when he decided to make these shoes? Maybe he was sick-no I mean maybe he's sick in the head. He should really try saving the earth not trying to bring it down like his sales.

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Wow, I think time is moving really fast. And when I say really fast I mean as the speed of light. Just a few minutes ago, I was picking out a new layout, customizing it and now it's already 11:03! When I started picking out a layout it 8:34! This is very strange~(@o@)
Anyway, I had a dream and these are the earrings I saw in my dream:

There from Dreamcandy an earring store on ebay. I always wanted this earrings. They're cute,ne?
I think so. I hope by April I can order them.
Well...I'm going to pack in for today. I promise tomorrow, I'll post 2 entries. Like today-I posted alot. Is this a record?

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Raw Umber
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I just realized something. Today I didn't go to school-yes, I know I already said that before. But I realized there was no meaning in coming to school today because we would only being staying in school until 12:00 our school usually ends at 2:55. So, I'm glad I didn't go, but then again it was sort of stupid, I didn't have an gym- so I should I have went anyway. But seeing as I was tired this morning I couldn't think straight, I feel like I wasted a day. But I don't know... Anyway, I missed jazzexcrise-I'm a little upset about that but other than I guess I'm ok. Oh, what a day...

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Coral Pink
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Yesterday I was up from 11:58 until 6:31. Well, not really, that's when I got started on my brother and sister's science project. I didn't go to school today because I was so tired (ToT).
But that's ok because I didn't want to go to school anyway,(’-’*).
For the rest of the week, it shall be good, because on Thursday I have gym-something I hate but hopefully, we'll be playing hockey. I like hockey because it's somewhat easy. I miss playing basketball in gym-those were the easy and nice days. Now the days are becoming shorter. Now it's 8:44 it really feels like 7 or 6 o'clock. But the clock did pushed 2 hours easy. I guess that good. So, now when I'm in school it will go by really fast-which would be great. Especially in gym ( ´∀`).
Anyway...what do I have on my mind? Nothing really, I think I'm moving backwards! A few years ago, when I was really carefree and my "father" wasn't living with us. I use to write stories and sometimes I would write outside under a tree. I'm now starting to write stories again, and they're starting to become very great. So far I got to 2 praises-but that's better than nothing right. The very important praise was the one I got from my English teacher. My English teacher is very strict and mean and also he has "high standards" in work. So, I was so surprised when I got a A+ on my report or story continue report.
Also, I'm starting to become very active on an old forum I use to visit a lot, back in 2007. It's called DreamerS, it's a Nami Tamaki forum. I like it there. The people are nice. All but one. I don't want to give away her identity but if you go on, her username starts with a C. And ends with a I.
My computer is fixed yay! I'm on a new one, so far it's a loaner. I'm going to have to take this back soon and get my old one back. I was really starting to get attached to this laptop,too (;_・)!
But that's ok, because I have some very important things on my old laptop like Linlin icons I spend most of my winter break on. That reminds me!
I made some Nami Tamaki icons-I guess there nice but it moves really slow, sorry about that.

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Dark Scarlet
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So, today is saturday, and I've listened to Namie Amuro's Wild a total of 60 times-no lie included and all together before the PV 124 times... The song is really great and I love it. I'm even starting to love it more than Dr. At first I loved Dr. more but then during english class the song started to pop in my head and then I became addicted to Wild. Anyway, so I'm working on my brother's and sister's science fair projects yes, I know why am I of all people working on it and not them. Well, I hope you know that I get something out of it. This goes from japanese to Namie's new single Wild/Dr. It varies really. Anyway, I have to go back to working. Wait for me,ok?

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Today, I guess had a good day. Mostly, because I didn't have gym and because I got all my test out the way this week. I still think I failed my math quiz(but what else is new. But I did get good grades on 5 of my math tests) *sigh* what a pity. On Monday, it's going to be "Wellness Day". We only get a half day of school(that means we go in at 8:00 then leave at 12:00)-really there's no point in going, but luckily, included with Wellness Day, we as the students get to pick classes we want to take and learn in order to keep ourselves well. So far the only think I can remember myself signing up for is Jazzexcrise and Collage Prep. That's it. I really don't know why I signed up for Collage Prep, 1st because I'm thinking of not going to collage-only because I want to pursue my dream as a singer-even if it's only a dream. And 2nd because me and my ex-friend, Alice is not talking anymore. She signed up for that class-like she really cares about collage. Really, there's a lot people who signed up for the class! And also I think I signed up for journalism but I'm not sure. Anyway, it should be fun I guess, as long as I don't embarrass myself-which is easy, I find. Besides, the only reason I signed up for Jazzexcrise was because I like to dance and jazz is a type of dance. And I guess when you dance you excrise-so this should be cool. Only 7-10 people signed for the class. While other signed up for teen stress or meditation. I really wanted to meditation but I was too late and plus I didn't even know they had that class! So, I guess I'll have to meditate by myself.

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Mint Green
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It's about 11:20 and I can't sleep. Well, I am actually tired but I can't shut my eyes, because I don't want this day to end and I have to go back to school tomorrow-yeh, that how much I hate school. Anyway, I did most of my homework. I need to check my math-which I won't and I need to finish my history assignment (Chapter 9,section 2)-he thinks I need to do the whole chapter which is like 4-5 sections, which I refuse to do. Also, I got my hair done to day at the salon. I think it looks...OK. Not perfect just ok. My hair has gotten...really short since the last time I've been the salon. It's really upset. Anyway, if I keep believing then maybe my hair will get longer...but how? Haha, I know it well, but it shall take a long while I think. Maybe in the summer it will be to my back,right? I don't think so. Probably in the middle of my back, so far it sitting on my shoulders.

OK, I'm going to pack it in now. My eyes are getting tired now just looking at what I just wrote. Goodnight, Ok.
WAIT! Do you know what flower starts with N,B,A, or H?

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Han Purple
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Foie Gras (noun), say: fwah grah
The liver of specially fattened geese or ducks, used as a table delicacy, esp. in the form of a paste.

I've been thinking about this for the past 2 days. I'm not a geese or duck person. Personally, if I had the choice I wouldn't eat other animals at all.
Anyway, I was thinking about this food. Foie Gras..? Foie Gras....
It sounds like grass on a plate right? That what I was thinking when I first heard about this plate. But at first I thought the prononucation was fort-y(e) gras-s. Lol XD
What is forty grass,anyway?
I just thought I should share this, it's been on my mind all day today.

brushes,colorazation&test: Pure:HS blog. Picture:


Cloudy Gray
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Hey, I was just thinking. What if life was wasn't so sterotypical and planned out? Would like be better this way? In the US, people generalize on skin color and religon-they do so much I want to move away to another place in the world, but then I realized that even if I move there will always be a person like this. And the planned out part? Well, yes, I believe in astrology-so there's your answer and also, well, I just think it's all planned out because of events that happened before like-when someone gets into a car accident, and then another gets into a car accident it's like history is repeating it's self but in these people, like there's a group of people who's going to fine love and then there's another group of people who think there going to find love and then there's another group of people who don't find love. I hope I'm in the group that will find love and I hope you are in the group that finds love,also. I know that my explanation was weird but try to hang on there,haha.
Anyway, I was thinking should I change my blog title. Pure is very nice, but there's something about me that doesn't seem so pure, an also to other people I don't seem pure(but it's like I care what they say,I'm very independant). If I could change my blog title I was thinking of like: Speciality,Believe or Reason<--those are all titles of Nami Tamaki songs(which I love).
I mean pure is a nice title-the reason I picked it was mainly because there's more than one dictonary meaning and also because I am pure-but deep inside my heart. On the outside many people see me as sweet,shy,quiet,cold(at times) and also innocent(I've been told this countless times). And it's true that maybe my personality matches the title but I just think....oh well...I think I'm over thinking today, what do you think?

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Sorrow Blue
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Today is Sunday, the least day of the week that I like. One because it's always so sad for me and also because school the next morning. Now, that I think about it, I think it's sad because of school, haha. Anyway, G_M one of my best friend blog friends, no longer has a blog for some reason. It's very sad, for her,rai and I were the 3 blog amigos or blind mice(aren't there 9?)-now me and rai are just the 2 amigos,aigo you really tell how upset I am. This morning I was crying because of it also, call me a baby I don't care.
In the meantime I have grades,sibling's science fair projects and home to worry about-sadly. My life is very stressful at the moment, but sort of not. While I deal all those things I have writing stories and browsing for reward items to keep me happy.
For example: I'm writing a story about a WonderBang-that's my favorite celebrate coupling.
And also for finishing my sibling's science fair projects. My mom has to reward so I want any of these possible things:
False Nails
Rings (I'm starting to become addicted to jewelry now~)
Hair clips,pins and holders (I'm starting a collection)
Earrings (I'm in need for earrings)
Music/CDs (Give me up-nami tamaki, Truth-arashi, or any f.t.island or bigbang albums)
I'm at lost with all of these things.

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