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Written at Saturday, May 31, 2008 | back to top

I saw this on Namia page and I want to try it *waves to Namia*
Name 20 person whom you can think of right now.Don't read the questions till you've named the 20 people.At the end of this,choose 5 person to do this.

10.Min Ho
11.JunSu (random)
13.Crystal Kay
14.Grandma B.
19.HeeChul (random)
20. Cho Hee-me

1.How did u meet no 14?
-My mom moved from Virgina to her house, where she baked cookies for us.

2.What would u do if u did not meet no 1?
-*sighs* I still didn't meet no.1, so I don't know.

3.What if no 9 n no 20 dated?
-Me date my girl cousin?!

4.Will no 6 & 17 date?
-I don't think so, they're both girls

5.Describe no 3
-My best friend, you is very funny and happens to be obsessed with a skater dude.

6.Is no 8 attractive?
-He's dated many girls,but to me he is not attractive.

7.Describe no 7
-The ultimate SuJu and DBSK expert, she's very nice and kind. One of my friends

8.Know any of 12 family members?
no.3: 2 sister, no brothers,1 mother, 1 father, 9 cousins.

9.What will you do if no.18 confesses to you that he/she likes you?
-....I would be scared.

10.What language does no 15 speaks?
-English, Jamaican(?), Sailor language

11. Who is 9 going out with?
-I don't know, her father is very strict with her dating anyone.

12.How old is no 16?
-9 years old, my little brother

13.When is the last time u spoke to no 13?
-A few years ago on Myspace.

14.who is no 2's favourite band/singer?
-Janet Jackson, Tyerse, and Mariah Carey

15.u ever date no 4?

16.would u ever date no 17?
-What?! These questions are really weird. no 19 single?
-Yes, I believe so. I should ask Noor...

18.what is no 10 last name?

19.where does no 6 live?
-I really have no idea. I'll ask her the next time I talk to her.

20.what is ur favourite thing about no 5?
-Comes up with the best Surveys ever!

I tag you!
-Changmin <3
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I'm so happy! Today, I received a new laptop. Well, at first I wasn't so happy. Why? Because I had a lot of things on there that I wanted to switch on to my new laptop. But, I was too late.
But, that's ok. Because this laptop is much faster than my other one and also it has cool new features that my other laptop didn't have. So, for now I'm very pleased with it. My mom got me this as an early graduation present. She said she's also going to go get me that Micky Mouse mp3 player that I really want also for graduation. I can't wait!
PS: I'm still not over that Changmin situation.
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Written at Friday, May 30, 2008 | back to top

I decide that since I'm getting older. I need a job. Or at least I should have a job, so I can get things I would like and not spend all/most of my mom's money. So, I decide to make a goal list.

Goal List:

Be more helpful towards
Take care of love ones.
Be happy!
Love Changmin more each day
Try to survive 3 more weeks of school

I see I have complete most of these goals, but I should try them again. And as for the 3 weeks of school...well, let's just say, the other I got flashed by some boy. So, I wonder what shall happy in the next 3 weeks. I can hardly wait..
Oh, yeah, some other news I heard. I heard some wild-crazy fans. Almost broke my husband's hand off! How rude!!!

2008.05.29 Changmin injured his hands
Do you know that Changmin got hurts??
He got hurts the day before yesterday....
They were in Korea..
And do you know sa seng fans?(privacy fans)
they are who Chang min and Cassiopeias hate.
They infringe TVXQ's privacy .
So they are called as'privacy fans(Korean of privacy is 'sa seng hwal'. so we call them sa seng fans)'
They always wait them in front of their lodging(I think they skip their schools).
And they follow TVXQ's van anywhere riding taxies.
They often spread rumors such as'Maybe Park Yu cheon' and 'Tae yeon Kim Jun su'
they followed their van,
And they disturbed them to go with taxies(I don't understand the taxi drivers).
So Chang min came out of van, and arrange the traffic.
And a saseng fan catched one of his hand very hard.
She was riding a taxi and the taxi was going.
Do you understand?
And his finger nails were broken and he had a lot of blood.
So Jun su and Jae joong were really angry.
So they shouted to them."We don't want to come to Korea because of fans like you!!!!!!!!!!!"
I'm sad that Chang min is painful

I cried when I read this.
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Written at Tuesday, May 27, 2008 | back to top

Well, I haven't been posting a lot, I know. But now, I shall start posting more often. Well, so far, I'm doing very well in school, well kind of. And for that, the school has choosen a few students from my class/grade to go to an amusement park for our hard work in school and behavior. I'm really happy, not too many of my friends got this letter,yet. So I feel kind of pleased. Oh yeah, family day...well, family day is really just spending time without my dad. So, did I enjoy it? Yes! Oh yeah, that reminds me on Saturday-last Saturday, I went laser tagging with my friends, it was fun. But I tripped and fell on one of my friends and then I rolled down this long slide-like thing they had in "dark room". And then this guy with long hair and cute blue eyes, helped me up. But I just pushed him away, because I really didn't need his help. Even though I did hurt myself but not that bad. Well, anyway, I also got a new laptop last week also, and I got invited to go to an amusement park again with my friends and also I went to the mall. I haven't been to the mall in a long time. Well, that basically wraps up my week. Oh yeah, and I bought some Changmin things.
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Written at Thursday, May 22, 2008 | back to top

Wow, I haven't been posting for a while. I was trying to concentrate of school for a while. Well, so far I'm passing all of my classes except Math and Technology. I feel like crying. I was always bad at Math but Technology. Technology is just another science class. I like science! But I like History more. Well, the classes that I'm really excelling at is: History,Language and a few other classes. But I really have to bring my Technology class up because if I don't I might fail. Oh yeah, and Gym....don't even get me started with that. Well, anyway, today, I'm going to start packing for a family trip. I really hate family trips with my dad in the car, he ruins everything! Well, I just hope I have a nice safe trip
PS: Oh my! I didn't talk about Changmin one time in my post, oh wait, I just did!
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Written at Friday, May 16, 2008 | back to top

YAY! I'm so happy, that DBSK/TVXQ are in America! But,the sad part is that I won't be able to attend their concert
Tomorrow, I'm having a family day with my parents and siblings. I think I'd rather go to their concert but family day is fun sometimes. I mean at least I get to breath same hair and almost step on the same ground as them Changmin,right? I wonder what songs there going to perform? I know it's purple line,even though people say they really don't want to hear them perform it, I don't know why. Wow, I'm so hyper just thinking about it!
Well, to everyone who is attending:
Please have fun! Please take lots of pictures and I'm so jealous!
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Written at Tuesday, May 13, 2008 | back to top

Most of this week is going by really slow, just like last week. I wish the days would speed on so, I can hurry and get out of school
I need a break! Aigoo~
Lately, I've also been making Changmin layout, I made this one. Isn't it nice? I think it's ok. It could be better. But for now it ok. Also, I have a interview with the school's principle on Thursday. I don't know why they want to interview me, but I'll try my best to impress them
Oh, yeah, I feel really bad, I must confess to everyone, my name isn't really Hanako. It's Cho Hee. I don't really like Cho Hee so much, so that's why I didn't really use it that often. Actually, I still don't like it. So, I guess I prefer Hanako over Cho Hee, so please call me Hanako everyone, or if you would like Cho Hee...
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Written at Sunday, May 11, 2008 | back to top

1. What will I be most focused on most of the time?

2. What do you want the most now?

3. Who is the person you trust the most?
my friends,mother,my family

4. Do you think you have enough confidence?
no *looks away*

5.If you have a dream to come true, what will it be?
Meeting Changmin one day, dating changmin and maybe even kissing Changmin...

6.Do you believe in seeing a rainbow after rain?

7.What is your goal for this year?
To be happy,meet many friends,be a good student, sticking w/ my husband

8. Do you believe in eternity love?

9. What feeling do you like the most?
What? Oh, happiness and the feeling of freedom

10. What are the requirements that you wish from your other half?
What? Loyalty, Commitment,and love...

11. What feeling do you hate the most?
Sadness,anger and betrayal

12.Do you cherish every single friendship of yours?
Most of them

13.Do you believe in God?
Of course!

14.What do you think is the most important thing in your life?
Ipod, laptop, mom, Changmin(duh!)

15.Who do you hope to be always there for you?
My family,friends,husband and pet

16.Who is your best friend?
My brothers and sisters, mother, Kay,Rai,Green_milk, Shai, Namia, Shar, Noor and many others

17.Who cares for you the most?
Mother,bro(s) & sis(s), kay, Changmin....

18.Do you think ” LOVE ” is stupid?
No, never!

19.Who do I hate the most now?
My father, but other than that no one

too many things,not enough time

20. What do you hoped the most?
Kissing Changmin

Added question:
21.What are you summer plans?
Visiting family and going to the beach with Changmin(jk...maybe)

Randomly remove one question from above, and add in your own question, make it a total of 20 questions.Tag 5 people in your list , list them out at the end of this post.Notify them in their chat box that he/she has been tagged and whoever does the tag will have blessings from all people.

Tag ur it:
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Well, all this week I've been feeling lost and not my self. I'm starting to do yoga now,dance and sing more, of course watch my husband and study more. Usually, I just lay around watching movies and eating but now I'm starting to watch my weight,take school much seriously and learn more and more Korean. Well, maybe the school part because I got accepted to this really big school that just does take anymore, you have to have really good grades. So, I was thinking about Changmin and thinking what would he do to get into that school and the answer is studying! As for the weight thing, I just noticed a lot of people around me are really obese so I would like to change that fate for me. Plus, I weighted myself and I think I should slow down on the food intake, even though most of the food doesn't show on me because I'm tall,in the long run it will.
Happy Mothers Day
Happy mother's day to all the mothers! And to my mother and my mother-in-law *cough*lol
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Written at Thursday, May 1, 2008 | back to top

Lately, when I walk home from school,a friends house or anything. I always get stares,beeps or other from cars. The people in the cars? All male. Today, I was walking home from school and some guy on a bike in his 40 or 50 talks to me, saying how nice a look, I was really this close from totally going off on him. He seemed like a real pervert. He asked what school I went to and I gave him a false school (actually he guessed what school I went to and I just went a long with it.) And then when I was still walking from school-same day, some guy in a big truck with buddies beep at almost making me fall over!-winks and waves at me. Then, about a week ago,the same things happened but no guy on his bike trying to hit on me. I know if Changmin was walking with me he would not like this at all, he's an Aquarius just like me, so if he was thinking of what I was thinking of, that guy is beyond dead. Anyway, well, Rai(Uknow's gf) and GreenMilk(Micky's gf) asked me about a "little changmin" so far, all I can say is that from the commercial he stared in, no time soon, we talked about this but I'm still very jealous ^_^
Oh yeah, today when I was also walking I was thinking of Changmin (of course) but this time was different I actually got a nosebleed! Usually when I think of him my heart starts to pound really hard and other stuff. But this time I got a nosebleed! I wasn't thinking of anything disgusting, I was just thinking about his cute smile and awesome body and other stuff and then....a nosebleed came on.
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