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"In our town of Halloween!"
Written at Friday, October 31, 2008 | back to top

Just finished taking my dongsaeng and yeo dongsaeng trick-or-treating. It wasn't that bad, but we got little candy. We only got candy from 27 houses. I guess that's good even though people at my school are probably going to brag how much candy they got. Since I wasn't trick-or-treating I'm not really suppose to have candy. So far I had 6 pieces of candy and only got 4 pieces of candy from the neighbors. No I didn't steal candy...well, I did steal some candy that my appa was passing out to other people. i feel bad, but not a lot of people were coming so now I guess I don't. Anyway, I took Sunmi with me, and I guess she enjoyed it. We ate candy together. But I think she was getting really cold in her ballerina costume. I can imagine. Anyway, I had fun-guess...
Anyway, I hope maybe one day you guys also go trick-or-treating. I mean a day for getting free candy is pretty cool.
I think I might watch scary movies now in honor of Halloween.

Mood::bouncy(sugar rush!)
Music:Halloween-Nightmare before Christmas
Homework: No homework(YAY!)
Tv: Scream(1-5),Nightmare before Christmas, more scary movies
Quote of the day: In our town of Halloween!-Nightmare before Christmas(Halloween lyrics)

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"Bears need people. People need bears."
Written at | back to top

Ladies,Fan girls and...Gentlemen(???) I would like you to meet a very special person in my life that goes by the name of Sun Mi(선미)!

Did you guess right? It's my teddy bear! Her American name is Chelsea. I just wanted to introduce her to everyone because I will start talking about her a lot now. I got her over the summer when I visited my unni and halmoni in LI. And at that time I really wanted a bear so I went to this bear store and bought her, she was about...$40 American dollars. And she is worth every single penny! Really, I love talking to her because she's a good listener and she also has a lot to say about what my room is like when I'm not home. I named her Sunmi after that person in WG-she's my idol. And I also named her Chelsea because the lady at the store said I should. For Halloween she's dress up as a ballerina. I'm dressed up as....nothing. Oh, must stop talking I have to take my dongsaeng and yeo dongsaeng trick or treating-Sunmi is also coming Should be fun,right?
Music:Fated-Ayumi Hamasaki
Homework: None
Tv: KO One and Hello! Miss
Quote of the day: "Bears need people. People need bears."
-Pam Brown

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"Science is a wonderful thing if one does not have to earn one's living at it."
Written at Thursday, October 30, 2008 | back to top

Today I finally took that Science test. My Science teacher was hassling me about it so I finally took it. Yesterday I couldn't because I really sick and I had to stay home. And the day before that-after school I couldn't stay because....I had to...I just didn't want to. That Science teacher is really weird. I'm really afraid to be in the same room with him for than 5 minutes. He's not old or anything it's just that he', what the word. I guess strange-yeh, that only word I can think of that to describe him. Well, lately I've been very sick and staying at home often. While, I'm at home I'm doing layouts and other stuff to keep my attention on, but really I should be studying for my Theology test or my Spanish, tomorrow I'm going to be so burden with test it's not even funny. Here's the schedule:

1st class/torment: Theology-Test on Creation
2nd class/torment: Spanish-Test on Family/friends
3rd class/torment: Math-Test on mathy things<--I really don't know 7th class/torment: History-Test Exam on 1st civilizations and creation of homo sapients

It's amazing that I'm actually passing these classes, I mean every since Friday we get a test and on weekdays were cramming everything we need for Friday in...WOW, school is so stressful. Adults should be happy that there done with it.

Music:Summertime-Will Smith
Homework: Study for Math test,Theology test and History test
Tv: Rainbow Romance
Quote of the day: Science is a wonderful thing if one does not have to earn one's living at it. ~Albert Einstein

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"Magic Mirror, on the wall, who, *now*, is the fairest one of all? "
Written at Wednesday, October 29, 2008 | back to top

I'm bored....It's sort of getting late here, well not really it's only 8:54. I should be studying for a Science test but I don't want to. I've been sort of mad at my mom for a few days,now. I don't know why but she's's really weird to explain. Oh well, anyway, today it began to snow, it was cool. But yesterday it wasn't. Me and my friend were walking from school and it began to rain then 10 minutes later it began to snow all in that order. I had to walk her home of course. Aish, I swear, I really need to stop being so gullible. I think I'm really gullible. And very much of a push-over. What do you think? Are you gullible are you a push-over? It you are not, then be glad, because it is not easy or nice to be ethier one of those things...Just a simple random rant today nothing big. Oh yeah, I might join the track....well, not join-more like forced by History teacher. This is like his 5th time trying to get me to join so now I might consider it...

Music:Spotlight-Jennifer Hudson
Homework: Study for Science test
Tv: Rainbow Romance

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"Love and selfishness kinda go hand in hand, don't they?"
Written at Tuesday, October 28, 2008 | back to top

Today I was suppose to go to school early because I had to take a test that I missed last Thursday. When my mom and I go to the school no one is there except: the janitor,a teacher and a older guy of about 18. I've seen this guy in the hall before and he always tries to flirt with me. So, I tell my mom to wait outside while I go ask if the Science teacher (the one I'm taking the test for) there and it turns out no. My mom wasn't going to let me stay there with that older boy for she thought he might try something on me so we left. I was so upset, because first I woke my mom up really early, early then she normally gets up, and I also had to wake up early. And now I'm very cranky! Oh well, I guess, maybe I can take the test later on today...
But I guess I'm still happy nonetheless because both G_M and Rai went online yesterday yay!!!
Good luck with saving money to go to korea,G_M!! Thanks for being so supportive Rai-as always


Music:Someday-Koda Kumi
Homework:none-all complete
Fruit of the day: Apple

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"Life is a wretched gray Saturday, but it has to be lived through.”
Written at Saturday, October 25, 2008 | back to top

So, I have so much to tell you guys. (you: Really?) No. But if I did I would tell you guys. Anyway, it's Saturday morning here and ever since yesterday I've been making layouts dedicated to all my friends. So far I manage to do a Rai one and a G_M. I did them first because lately they have been in U.K.(Un Known) status for a while. Even though I believe I talked to Rai 3 days ago. And G_M is testing...oh well, I was bored so I made layouts-in other words . Oh yeah and just a few days ago was Rai's b-day. Happy Birthday Rai!!!<-I would sing but I can't sing well. Well, back to the layouts are both similar in many ways, so I hope you were expecting too much Rai and G_M. If you're a visitor you may take any of the layout but please remember to:

  • Don't remove the credits and thank Rai and G_M

To make it easier, I'll just have a visitor side and a special side for Rai and G_M

Uknow layout(mirror,mirror) code| Live preview

Micky layout(My Micky Mouse) code|Live Preview

Rai and G_M:

Rai's layout

G_M's layout


Next:Noor and Ngjy

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"Kkot Bun!"
Written at Thursday, October 23, 2008 | back to top

I was offline for a few days due my laptop charger finally dying on me Poor charger it didn't even stand a chance... Anyway, I've been very lonely with out my charger-but it did give me time to finally finish a book I started reading 3 days ago. I feel so accomplished, also this week I've been sick,very sick, not to mention I've been packed down with homework and I'm not stressed! But it's ok because I have my laptop back and it's almost the end of the week.
At school, I've come to the conclusion, maybe I shouldn't have friends, I know it sounds terrible but it's true. All my friends end up ignoring me or deserting me-it really hurts
I told my mom and she said: "Sometimes it's like this." So, I must face the fact and realize sometimes life is like this.

Homework:Math,History,English and Science

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"Say that U love me, Say that U care."
Written at Sunday, October 19, 2008 | back to top

Today I'm suppose to be joining a marathon of marchers running for breast cancer. I love charities so this should be fun. But the saddening part is that I have to go with my dongsaeng and my appa. I mean I have fun with my dongsaeng all the time but not with my appa, he makes everything bad. Well, hopefully, I'll have fun. I just wanted to post that because I thought you guys should know.

Music:Say U love me-Lara and Jason
Homework:History and Health<-still
TV:Hello! Miss,X-family,ISWAK

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"If only we'd stop trying to be happy we could have a pretty good time. "
Written at Saturday, October 18, 2008 | back to top

Today early this morning like around 2:30 a.m. my big sister came back to see us, before she goes back to her new house in Long Island,New York. She's currently getting married to a guy-who I really don't agree her getting married to, but if that makes her happy then so be it. I just hope when I get married her and mother will give me there honest opinion on what they think of the guy. And knowing them both they won't like him. When first started my fandom with Changmin, they started loosing their minds,like saying that he looked like a girl-but later they got over it. Anyway, new layout like it. I miss my pink one-it reminded me of my room. But then I just got sort of bored looking at it, so I switch to this Changmin one that I made 5 months ago. All yesterday I've been making blog layouts, because I was bored, and I made this very girly one of Changmin that hopefully I'll have on my site in a month or two. Well, anyway, I'm kind of hungry I'm going to go eat,OK?

Music:Lies-Big Bang
Homework:History and Health
TV:Hello! Miss,X-family,ISWAK

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"Respect yourself and others will respect you."
Written at Thursday, October 16, 2008 | back to top

Today my school had a "pep rally", it was fun. A cheerleader almost fell and broke her leg and they also messed up there cheer, I felt embarrassed for them, anyway tomorrow will be the "pep rally" dance, which I'm going to go to. It's actually quite embarrassing to say,but I'm actually looking forward to it, and also my two best friends will be there along with my new friends. Also, today in Spanish class, the boy that I've been crushing on for about a few weeks now, said he was going to dance with me! But the sad part is, that he said he also going to dance with my bff who doesn't like him, but does talk to him quite often. Anyway, I hope at the dance they play a slow song and he dance with me then-but knowing him since he talks a lot he's probably going to day with during a fast song, oh what a life I live~

Music:Wrong Number-DBSK(Jaejoong's rap...)
Homework:no homework

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Written at Monday, October 13, 2008 | back to top

Today, I have no school, which is great, but I'm actually very bored. So all day I've been watching Kdramas(Hello!Miss,Coffee Prince,etc.) and Cdramas(X-family-again). And so far, I'm still pretty bored even though the dramas are good and funny. Aish, when will the day end?

Music:Last Farwell-Big Bang
TV:Hello! Miss,Coffee Prince,X-family,A.F.R.I.K.A

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