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Written at Monday, November 26, 2007 | back to top



This christmas will be...
Written at Saturday, November 24, 2007 | back to top

For christmas I wanted some tamagotchis'. What am I talking about 'some' I wanted a huge load of tamagotchi things. But my said I should give up tamagotchi or give it a break. So, for this time only I'm giving it a break. But My for b-day. Which is on Martin Luther King day. We happenly have school off-yay! I'll be online order tamagotchis' to my heart's content. Well, anyway, so far for christmas all I'm getting are these follwoing things:

1. Keyboard
2. Clothing(of my choice-really south korean)
3. DS( the nitendogs edition.)

It's a wack list I know. But that's all I really want. Plus my clothes are close to 200 dollars by it's self.

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Tama Suku attack!
Written at Monday, November 19, 2007 | back to top

So, I finally got my tama suku. Shipping takes so long. I mean really. Anyway, I'm so happy. I'm bringing it to school tomorrow so I can play w/ it most of the day. But second half of the school day, I have to do something w/ it. Not alot of people came to school today, that was good. Because, I didn't want to see a lot of people. Today, I finally walked with Kat and her friend Zoey. There both cool. I just met Zoey today. Tomorrow, I want to walk w/ them but I'm afraid what my dad my say. So, I should just go on the bus. So, far I really enjoy my tama. This is my 7th tama in my collect. Except, I'm currently missing my Tamagotchi Connect V2. I think everyone should get a tama suku so they can see how much fun it is

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This or That
Written at Thursday, November 15, 2007 | back to top

Today I woke up exactly at 5:00. I was surprise. But then I got over it. Lately, I've been waking up really early. Anyway, today, I wanted to know if I should stay home or go to school. Because my tama suku should becoming soon. I think I should stay home but I have a feeling it might not come. And if I don' t then I could be missing a very important package. I think I should go to school. Because it might not come

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Tamagotchi v5:Familitchi :D
Written at Wednesday, November 14, 2007 | back to top

Haha! It's true. So for all you people who doubted me laugh on that! Lol, nah. I'm bored but I had to get this out there. Tamagotchi V5 is not a RUMOR it's a true fact. This is suppose to be very similar to the Famitama. So, if your getting the Famitama be aware that it's the same thing almost. It's just that the V5 has a slightly bigger screen. And like I said before, your raising to 2 or more tamagotchis. Actually, I think you're raising more than 2 your raising a FAMILY! And this last part should get you super happy. On amazon the V5 is suppose to be released by Dec.! That's crazy,right? Remember to add it to your christmas list. I know I will. And I'm also adding the Famitama up there to. Right next to the tamagotchi angel
"In the youth electronics arena, Bandai's Tamagotchi virtual pet brand grows with Connection V5 and its new theme, Familitchi, through which kids get to raise, simultaneously, multiple Tamagotchi characters. How the clan fares depends on how all the siblings are cared for."-this is taken for Toy Preview.

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Tamagotchi Suku guide
Written at | back to top

Here is a guide to extreme tamagotchi Suku(ing)! This guide consists of tama suku 1 and 2. Please enjoy. I also included pictures!

Tamagotchi Suku 2: The Status Meter:

This icon has Four different screens:

1st screen: has four hearts that represents what your popularity is. Basically,
the number of students you have in your class.

2nd screen:T
he number of students you have in your class.

3rd screen:Music , Gym , and Art , the points range from 0 - 999 . The Next  Screen is how many gotchi points they have.

4rd screen: The Teacher you picked and the name. The symbol I below, I believe are what subject you are teaching.

Student Attendance:

This Icon shows you all the students you have in your class , And it tells you which  number they are on the top right hand  corner and on the top left hand corner of the screen and it tells you what there special subject is.

Music Class [Game]

Well with this icon you can choose 1 of 22 different games to play , the First is a Game were you have to use the d-pad right ,  down , and left , to choose a certain note, You pick the note the is in the box and you have to hit the note right when it's in  the box or you will loose so not to fast and not to slow. The second game is were you use right and left and you have to move the  set of notes to match up with the notes that are on the bottom of the screen.

Gym Class [Game]

With this icon you can also choose one of two games , The First is a running game were you have to avoid stuff that gets in your  way, and the second game is Soccer were you just have to guess were to shoot the ball and hope the goalie doesn't catch it.

Art Class [Game]

Once again you can select one of two games , The First is a Puzzle game were you use the D-pad to select a tile (There are four  to choose from) and the B button to rotate it. The second game is a painting game were you have you get the brush right over the  egg and press The B button .


Well with this icon there are four selections to choose from, The First are all of the items you give to your student that will  Make your popularity go up or The class mark's to go up, I am not sure on what it does , The third section has all the item's  your students give you as gifts , The fourth section has all the items you get form Suku town [http://school.e-]

and food.

Friends list

I haven't connect a Suku to mine so I cannot select this icon.


With this icon there are two selections to choose from , The First is were you can buy: A book game , A music Book (It gives you  10 points in the subject the has on the front) , A Gym Book , and a Art Book .and Then there are items too boost your popularity  such as A Chocolate bar.


This icon light's up when you get a new student or a student need s your help , You help them by playing a game with them or  just talking to them.

When you First start it up it will play a little tune and then it will

ask you to input the date and time , then you input your name [Using Japanese Characters] , After you input your name you select  your Birth Date, After that you select your Teacher The First is The Art Teacher , The next is The Gym Teacher , and the last is  the Art Teacher. After this you Get all your First students [you get six] After you get your students you can select the icons.

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Picture This!
Written at | back to top

Today is picture day and I'm not going all out like I did last year. I had the whole set up. The hair,outfit, and everything. And this year I'm going plain. And I'm not paying for pics this year. Because they came out horrible last year. Plus, I can't do anything special this year with my hair because my sister isn't here. Another reason because my mother bought me my tamagotchi for 40.00. And now if I get pics that would add on to 100.00 or 80.00. So, I say no to the pics and yes to the tamasuku!

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Sweet School Blues
Written at Tuesday, November 13, 2007 | back to top

I got real school blues. And I mean the one you can't blow away. Today, went ok. But I sill hate school and I currently hate the guy who is sending me my TamaSuku. Well,bye people
I'll post more tama-related stuff later

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Written at | back to top

I'm not bland,gray and cold. School is and I took the liberty to wake up very ealier today so I can post in my blogagotchi. I realize that I post mostly in this blog then my real one on Blogger. Anyway, I'm going to delete that one and stay with this one. Today, we go swimming for gym class, I hate swimming. Here are the reason:

  1. The water is always cold when you get in

  2. You must shower before you get in, but I or my classmates never have time

  3. You never know who was in that pool and what the could have done.

  4. The teacher says there's a heating system in there but I don't feel it.

  5. There's a shallow end and a deep end. And guess which one I'm in? Shallow end

Well, anyway, if today goes any good and I get tamagotchi I'll be very  very happy!

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Written at Monday, November 12, 2007 | back to top

I know it's only been two days and all but that ebay seller still hasn't message! I mean he commented me on good communcation today. But still...I think that means he got the money and now he's sending. Hopefully, I all have it by tomorrow or Friday. If not, I'm never buying from that dude and I'm suing. But anyway, enough about that dude and not sending my precious TamaSuku. Let's talk about school. It's offical 11:18 p.m. and I have to go to  school at 8:00. Well, really I have to wake up somewhere 6 and then get ready around 7:00 and then wait outside for my bus at 7:30 a.m. So, that means I have 8 hours of sleep! I need more!!! Maybe not. I should head in now. But the thought of my tama coming soon keeps me awake. I need help. Bye, chat with you tomorrow

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early christmas
Written at | back to top

For any of you getting tamagotchis' for Christmas and need a list to check off. Here you go!

* The Tamagotchi Generation 1
* The Tamagotchi Generation 2
* Tenshitchi no Tamagotchi (Tamagotchi Angel or Angelgotchi)
* Mesutchi and Osutchi
* Mori no Tamagotch (Tamagotchi Forest)
* Umi no Tamagotch (Tamagotchi Ocean)
* TamaOtch
* Debirutchi no Tamagotchi (Tamagotchi Devil or Devilgotchi)
* Yasashii Tamagotchi
* Santaclautch
* Genjintchi
* Mothra Tamagotchi
* Arukotch
* Mezamatch
* Mechagotch
* Tamagotchi Plus
* Tamagotchi Connexion
* Deka Tamagotchi
* Hanerutchi
* Chibi Tamagotchi (Tamagotchi Mini)
* Tamagotchi ''Tsunagete'' Mascots
* Tamagotchi Plus Akai
* Ouchi no Deka Tamagotchi (Home Huge Tamagotchi)
* Chou Jinsei Enjoi Tamagotchi Plus (Entama)
* TamaStation
* TamaStation 2
* Tamagotchi Connection Version 3
* Tamagotchi Kakeibo
* Ura Jinsei Enjoy Tamagotchi Plus (UraTama)
* Tamagotchi "MusicFever"
* Tamagotchi School
* Tamagotchi Connection Version 4
* TamagoChu
* Odenkun Tamagotchi
* Furefure Tamagotchi
* Tamagotchi Connection Version 4.5
* Tamagotchi Restaurant
* Famitama(Family Iro Iro! Tamagotchi Plus)
* Tamagotchi V5

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Famitama families
Written at | back to top

Hi,hi! It's me again! I found these chart on Tamenagerie. So, no credit goes to me. Please enjoy

And there's more but I'm in rush. Check out the site for more

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Famitama Scans
Written at | back to top

Here are some Famitama scans. So, far these are the ones I got on the site. Actually, theses are the main layout for the info. Can't read japanese? Basically, there explain what the Famitama is,what you get with it(like with the DVD or w/ out) and more that will take me a little while to translate.

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Tamagotchi V5?
Written at | back to top

I keep hearing rumors about a tamagotchi V5 and I hear that's suppose to be modeled after the Famitama. I also hear it's suppose be release in Feb. or June 2008. So far, people think it's false. But I think it's true. There's something on Amazon that explains something about a Tamagotchi Connection V 5- Familitichi G. I suppose to be released in the USA, by next year. So far this product as theses features:

It's kinda like the V4.5 mixed with the new Famitama.

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Family Iro Iro! Tamagotchi Plus(Famitama)
Written at | back to top

No, it's not a rumor. But it is a very cute tama. Many people at first that the Famitamas' were fake and that Bandai Japan had no intention of creating these. But they did and I'm happy about it. I'm getting one for Christmas because I'm getting a TamaSuku that was 40.00 and in my mom's book that's a lot. She's thinking about getting me a credit card so I can go online and get my own tamagotchis'. Well, anyway. Back to Famitamas'. I was Tamatalk yesterday and there was a lot of talk about the new vitual pet. Family Iro Iro! Tamagotchi Plus is the real name but I call it Famitama because it about a family and it's family-related,right? Anyway, instead of one egg or baby to take care of you get to take care of 2. It's very cool. I hope I get the memetchi family when I start it. There will be 2 types of formats with this. You etheir get the toy or you get the toy and DVD. I'm planning on getting the white one since I don't have a white tamagotchi. The only colors these toys come in is: and yellow. The yellow is nice,too. But I like the white one. I also love the lock and key look,don't you. Well, I'm bored so I attached pics,too. Please enjoy!

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Tamago CHU!
Written at | back to top

Hi and welcome to Tamago Chu-blog edition. I'm still working on my site and it's going ok, but it's a lot of work. Today, it's cloudy and cold and I feel sad because I'm still waiting for my TamaSuku to come and it's taking forever. Even, if I ordered it Saturday. I guess,maybe I'm so excited because this is very first tamagotchi that I'm ordering off line. I saw the UPS man to day. And it looked like was stopping at my house but he kept going, maybe he looking for a home number but couldn't find it. I think it was the frozen mailbox was covering the number. That made me mad and when I went out to see if I got anything I was so disappointed but anyway, welcome Tamago Chu! Remember Tamago Chu is a tamagotchi based blog that I talk mainly about future and past tamagotchi releases!

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