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Peppermint Spring
Written at Thursday, April 16, 2009 | back to top

I don't like being rude to people, so I decided to open a new blog with all of my non private blog entries in it. And also I decided to delete a few posts, they seem inappropriate but I kept them in this blog.
Today, I have to go to Korean lessons and I guess I'm looking forward to it. The only thing I'm not looking forward to or anticipating is the walk over there. It's so long, I swear. So people would have probably said no, I couldn't walk that much. But every~ Thursday I walk. Except for last Thursday-I didn't feel like it.
Mountain Green
Written at Wednesday, April 15, 2009 | back to top

Yes,yes. I know I've been posting a lot today, but I feel since this is my own personal blog I can do whatever I want. I was on this Korean Entertainment fansite and I found some people who dislike DBSG-and within all good reason. I have never thought of it this way. But people think DBSG actually, made Korean music! Shinhwa and H.O.T and even more older artist should be the kings of Korean music. Even though I'm not Korean and my opinion doesn't count or I won't know about these things, I think that Korean and both Japanese fans-no all fans of DBSG are mindless-including the ones that say they're not an extreme fan like the others, because if you put all of them in a room, all of them are bound to splurge. Not one at least sane and not claiming her own "honey". Also I read on another Korean Entertainment fansite/forum-they also have an anti DBSG forum. Someone said they were fake. Well, I think they once were normal and not fake but now...I and a few fans have lost them. Oh course the antis and not fans have lost them also. Like Kim Jae Joong acts like a diva along with his "buddy", Jung Yun Ho. And also, Changmin voice gives me creepy now and also it sounds really terrible have you heard "Wild Soul" I tried to like that song, I really did, and also in other songs when his voice is not turned to highest level it's still annoying and it sounds bad-there is no way for that boy to win. Also Junsu-I almost like his voice in the end...but now it doesn't sound good, is really good or necessary to sound like a girl-this goes for Changmin also. And I think Micky is sadist-there's no way around it.
Also, they're fans are out of this world! Anyway, back to the fake thing. Well, I think there 99.9% of time fake but in the industry aren't all people? No that's right, Arashi is not fake. So, DBSG Arashi's rivals should not be fake also,right?
Also look at KARA, KARA has a lot of antis because people think they are so fake, because they're actually happy-smiling and dancing. People think SNSD are also fake for this reason. DBSG has never or hasn't done it in a while be happy on stage...I really don't get the world,today. I feel bad for myself for living in these times. From 1990's to the 2000's. I know life must have been a lot easier in the 1980's or even 1970's-I'm certain!

Short Story/Sub Chapter:
Whenever I feel I wrote too much in a day's setting I'll start a Short Story or Sub Chapter.
Well, when I washing dishes today I was thinking...I love my family-there I said it. For about a few months and maybe for a year, I was determined to not like my family, especially my mother. For allowing my father stay in the house, but I realize she did this because she loves us and that she's willing to even humiliate herself by catering to a man who does nothing-she gets money from this man. About $100 or more-I'm not sure.
The family time really comes from when we go to Friendly's (a restaurant), where we eat and talk, it's really fun and those are the times I cherish the most.
Mist Brown
Written at | back to top

Secret Post-su 2! I'm still not happy about posting these but whatever.
1.I dream very dirty dreams about the Arashi members (But I guess this normal for everyone)
2.I always dreamed that one day I would get raped.

About the first dream, I think this is normal for everyone, you know even at a low age of 12 you might dream of something inapproiate involving another human, also this is normal for me because I'm a teen and that's what we do.
About dream the second dream, I was very young of many 9 or 10-which is really no excuse but I thought that since many guys liked that...I would get raped one day because guys would always I'm cute or...that I'm pretty and smile at me and not take their eyes off me. Today, it's the same but they actually chase after me or hop out there car and try and chase me. This happened a few times and other times I can't even think of...
- - -
I'm continuing onto the first sin/secrets post...
#3-I don't know what to say...I was really young and many people actually really liked in Virginia. I really didn't have much say, because I was shy and I didn't really talk. I don't really remember who we got into what we did. All I can remember is the boy kissing my cheeks and maybe my mouth I'm not sure-all this in his closet or in his room closed. I think I really remember these events because there so traumatic for me. I think this goes for all the secrets.
But the one secret that scares or annoys me the most is secrets number#5 and possibly 4. But I was really young at the age of 4. I'm just hoping that he didn't take off his clothes and didn't try to do that with me and I didn't try and do that with him. In secret #6 it's like history repeated itself all over again, and that's...pretty sad.

Message to god:
Please god forgive me for I have sinned a lot, but the only real secrets or sins I can think of are only 8. Don't help me try and remember more for that will only me more stressed. (Like I'm not already stressed from gym). Please erase these bad memories from my life and mind and let me have a good life from now on and let me still be able to find the one I love-and the one that loves me. And that's not in family-regarding to secret #4.
Written at | back to top

No shame! No shame at all. My brothers and sister, the two little ones in the house, "pee" on themselves. I don't know why they do that, I guess it's because of trauma or maybe even the fact that they are beyond lazy.
- - -
Secret sharing time! I'm not happy to report any of this. I never had any good secrets, hey are there even any good secrets, I probably would know the feeling more if I had my old life back without the best from the east. Here are a few secrets that I have to get off my chest and there very freaky-I do not like.
1. My little brother is really only actually my half brother-my mom had an affair (I believe)
2.1 day, I think my brother tried to touch my sister, me and my brother stopped him (I was long time ago and I was very young-but I think I stopped him.)
3.Down south(USA) when I was about 4-5 years old, I use to get kissed by many boys that were around my age or under, one I think was my brother. (But I still don't count any of these as my first kiss, because half of them I don't remind, I only remind one time or even 2.)
4.Me and my brother made out once, and I almost humped each other I think (I'm not sure, we didn't take our clothes off, just sat on each other and moved around.
5.I use to have "feelings" when I was younger and...I would 'hump' many things, even one time my dog-just once.
6.Once I saw my sister try to hump my brother, but I caught them and almost told my mom on them, but I felt bad and didn't. Because she begged me not to tell.
^I'm very ashamed of myself. For all of these secrets, but I feel very happy for getting them out here, they have been bugging me for a while. I feel like I've sinned...6 times in my life. Possibly more if you add how many times I've done these things. But I've been clean for about 6 years or even 9-I don't know. All I know is that I haven't done any of these things in a while. These secrets are nothing compared to the ones other people hold under their skin-this includes celebrities and even animals. Also, their are brothers and sisters out there that actually do it with their siblings, me and brother were close, but luckily we were very very~ young and didn't know anything or what we were doing.
I hope when it comes to judgment day that god forgives me. But in order for that I must forgive myself,right?
I will. I mean I do forgive myself.
I hope later along the line, everyone forgives me also...
Plus, when I kid of 3,4,5 I felt like a demon spawn, know that I think about it, do you think a demon was controlling me during this time. Each time I think about it, I always get these thoughts, think of things when my father was with us. Each time he was, do you think he was controlling or was his inner me coming out? I think everyone-despite what we know has an inner part of their mothers and fathers-even if we don't want to admit.
Wow, I feel really free now. I want to go outside for sure.
Timeless Lemon
Written at | back to top

A little over christmas, my theology teacher passed out little envelopes and inside they had a small bag of skittles, a card and a toy/item. At first I got a coin, when I received the coin, I wanted to trade with someone who had the necklace, at first I asked the boy and he said he would not trade with me, at the end of the day he came up to me and wanted to trade, I said I had already gaven it to one of my old friends or acquitance from school. He was upset but that was because he was too slow reacting.
Instead one my other acquitance from school gave her pedant, it come with a necklace-it weird she gave them to me freely. But anyway long story short after 4 months, I'm now wearing it. And it has an inscribition on the back of it. That says: "I'm a catholic in case of serious accident please call a priest."
I'm not catholic, in fact I'm christian, so should I wear this? I really like this pedant it's cute, and I really want to wear something that has to do with god, if I wear this does it show that I don't love him? That I'm joking for believing in christianity, that I'm ashaming many people?
I don't know what the answer is, but I'm going to keep wearing it, because I like it alot.
- - -
I'm having a hunger crisis, I didn't want to say it here, but I am. Since my journal is now private.
I didn't eat last night, I ate a little this morning and I don't plan to eat this afternoon or tonight. Why? Because...I think I'm getting way big for my age. I weigh 140, which is supposely normal for girl who 5'6-5'7. But I want to be skinny like the girl in my grade named mekeshia, she's possibly about 100 pounds. I'm going to guess. And it probably doesn't look weird when she wears skirts,pants or shorts. My thighs are huge-no lie included.
When I reach 115 or 120-again, then I'll be happy. I don't know how I going to lose the weight those, I hate excrising-actually I don't even know how to excrise!
- - -
I have exactly 4 days, until the horror house-meaning gym and school. I don't know why, but I just hate that class. The kids are evil, but the gym teacher is really watching my every move to see if I'm participing for points, isn't it enough that I'm on the court with you and I have my gym things on, unlike so people.
And also, now that the weather is warming up, we'll probably have to go outside soon. Urgh, I hate gym (>_<),
Clear Melon
Written at | back to top

I'm going back to what I said yesterday, is it really~ important or does it really~ matter what a person looks like on the outside? I think it should really depend on how a person is on the inside-many people say this but I don't think they mean it, even at times I feel like...I don't even mean it. Like here's a trivial example: I like Arashi-The members I first liked was Jun,Sho and Aiba based on there looks. Then I got to know them all more and now I like Ohno,Sho and Aiba. Jun reminds me of my older sister, who I have problems with every once in a while, Virgos have very big mouths, they know how to keep secrets when it matters to them and also they care a lot but never really show it, they also are...sadists...there that the word I'm looking for. No that's not the right word-drama queens. PERFECT! That's the correct word. And Nino...a Gemini I already said in the previous post why I don't like Geminis-but what's so weird is that Aquarians (I and my brother-but you would never guess) are compatable. I don't see it. But that's what the stars say. Geminis are backstabbers (just like Tarus'), pure evil,day & night-too faced,theives, make a joke out of everything and gluts. The only thing I have in common with them might be the making a joking out of everything-currently. In my sixth grade years, I can say that I had a problem with backstabbers-not saying I was one, maybe a little too faced but not a backstabber-but when you think about it, it kind of goes hand in hand,right? And every now and then I sort of steal, but I was manage to do something for that person to make up for the lost items.
Or maybe I should return them right? OK, I'll return my brothers and sister DS games and get my own. That's currently all I can think about that I have of theirs.
Well, there are also some qualities of Geminis that Aquarians do not aquire. For one, I'm highly stupid, but at times I feel very powerful and smart-like now, even in school at times I feel smart but I really need to study-but that's really hard for me to do-I have other things to do-well now I don't because I cut them out of my life, like forums and other things I use to do on the internet, now I'm just doing to blog and watch dramas, so far so good. I'm already done with 1 drama so far out of 3. That drama is Uta no Oniisan-Ohno is a really actor, now I see why so many people like him. At first, I thought it was because he was funny. I didn't see it,of course, then I thought it was his singing, I didn't see it again-I thought he was actually a spotlight hog and then I thought it was his dancing. I didn't see it finally,his dancing is not that great-acually he hardly dances in concerts and if he does he's not really up to par with the rest of the members. But then I saw his acting and I think his acting is way better than his comedy,leadership skills-which suck,singing and dancing. I should be so quick to judge next time. Please forgive me,Ohno.
- - -
In english, I think we supposed to be reading a book called, To kill a mockingbird, but I'm not sure if we were suppose to take that home and read over the break. I don't think so he said no homework and the whole classroom cheered-except for me, I told you I'm antisocial and I only really have 1 truly friend who I blow off at times, her name is Alice. This girl is really weak. She always wants me ask questions for her-for her?! It's your question right? Then why don't you ask. But I do it anyway.
And she's always tugging on my sleeve when I go to leave for something or when I don't want to do what she ask-it feels kind of weird you know, like I'm her boyfriend....ewwwwwx1000, I don't want to talk about this!!!
- - -
It's a nice day and I want to go outside but I can't leave my little brother in the house, would it hurt if I went out for a few minutes, I mean he is asleep after all. And plus I heard the sun makes you happier, and that's all I need is happiness.
- - -
Tomorrow, I have korean lessons, it feels good to finally be able to post that here, remember the lie I told about being half korean, I won't make that mistake again. I don't like my ethnicity, I'll get that out. There all a bunch of slackers,home-wreaks,society's weakest,they basically make me feel small. And with hiphop of please! But then, I realize you can find that in any country you to,right? And that, everyone in the other countries like hiphop and whenever they see an AA they feel jealous and want to meet that person or become like that person by getting tanned or buying clothes- I feel glad when I see this and that everyone does think the AA society is rude or weak. But really in actually, I don't want to be like them. I must not be like them! I want to be a cool,shy,sweet,smart,excelling at something girl. A girl who can achieve her goals without even trying! If you asked this girl, what she wanted to be 4 or 5 years ago she would have said, for everyone to like me or have more friends. But at the age 15, in 9th grade, I do not care. I do not care for these things anymore, they are useless to me now, all I want is for the new girl to come our soon.
But then at times I want the old girl who had a very happy family of just a mother,2 brothers, 2 sisters to make her return and be...happy again. But when the beast from the east here, I don't know what to do. I can try ignoring him, but at times that fails and no, I don't want to befriend him, I'm tired of doing that for my mom's sake. I just want him gone.
- - -
A list of wishes:
1.All my goals and wishes come true
2.That everyone falls in love
3.Outter beauty doesn't count or does not exist
4.World Peace
5.Saving the Earth
6.Stop killing animals
7.I can have the happy life of not having a dad anymore
8.My grades me top~ notch, so I can get into a great college
9.I get to go to english h, and not be sent to reg. honors because I'm in a low math class.
10.One day excell at math
11.Be happy-truly
12.Marry the guy I have on my mind-currently~ at this moment.
Berry Strawberry
Written at Tuesday, April 14, 2009 | back to top

I like the song Poker Face by Lady Gaga but my sister said she's gay, that turned me about from the song for a while, but I can't help it, I love music and at the end of it, it shouldn't matter if you like the person or not, it should matter if you love the music and did it reach your heart. This song has reached my heart, and when I ever I hear this song I sort of feel like dance but also think about how it relates to me. In school, I never let people see the real me, the sort of loud, lazy, likes to add her 2 cents in every once in a while. The only side they see is the shy,quiet me, which is the me I want them to, I don't want anyone to get to close to me, because I don't want to lose friends again and chance myself for people, I sort of like myself now, I'm carefree now and I don't worry about too much. Me and my father don't talk now, I sort of happy but then again I'm not. Only because, I want to talk to him but like I said, I don't like Geminis...
Plus, they way he way he looks at me and responds to me is nothing good. I don't know, my mom said when I was young I use to be very attached to him and not like her much, but now that I'm older I finally see him as very inhuman or inhumane.
He stole from us, He gave my mom a black eye, he choke me until I fainted, he beat until I had marks,scars,etc. And that why I think, if anyone has the right to be very angry at him it should be me, and I think if anyone has the right to get a lot luck it should be-but my sister (little) is the lucky one, she finds money,never gets into too much trouble and has a lot friends. I on the other hand never find money-on super rare~ accounts, I always get in trouble-well I learned to keep my mouth shut so I don't really know, and I don't have too many friends because in this day and age it's hard to trust people.
I guess some people are just bad, and some good and some people are lucky and so are not.
Restful Red
Written at | back to top

While I was taking a shower tonight I thinking about something. Why is that guys think they have the right to choose the perfect girl, but girls themselves cannot? It's wrong you know! I was watching Yamada Taro Monogatari and the role is reversed, the boy doesn't choose or even care about the imaginative girl but the girl chooses and doesn't like the boy because he's poor-how shallow. That's all I kept thinking while watching. How shallow! How Shallow! HOW SHALLOW!!!
This girl in the drama is/was very determined to be Tama no Koshi. Which I believe is queen-like or higher than queen. And so it occurred to me, why do people think they have the right to choose love. Were humans so I don't think we have the right to choose, the only think we have the right to choose is where we want to go and maybe what we want to do, but not who to love. Many people say they hate someone but in actually they love them-by fate wishes. Like I guess for instance my mother she says she hates my father but in actually she like him,right? In Hana Yori Dango, Makino said she doesn't love Tsubsa but the truth is she does. Love is a crazy thing right? And it's really funny because I've never actually been in love before, but I can predict it so well, it seems. I wonder, in my old life was a god or maybe someone of high knowledge?
Possibly not. I just like the idea of people finding there love, and hopefully...maybe I will find my love-one day, of course.
I maybe seem silly...but I hope that love is...Sho Sakurai.
I don't know what it is about that man, but whenever I see him I feel weird, maybe it's possibly a infautation but I still hope that I'm connected to him,someway...somehow.
I'm getting off topic,aren't I?
Well, I just think as humans,animals,aliens and even idols or computers we don't have the right or say in love-it just happens. We only have the choice to move,go and even but who we hate or like? I don't think so...
I know because I'm not really a big fan of my sister, but I still love her company at times, even if I am hard on her at times, but I feel that she needs it for the things she does. But I promise to be nice to her from this day forward but I know it's going to be really hard-I just don't like Geminis.
- - -
My dreams? One of them are becoming a teacher, the next is possibly a actress and the other is travel all over the world, it's a secert because if I tell my mom this she will be very upset at me and scold me or ridcule me and say I'm trying to be like my aunt who has accomplished or is trying to be all of these things. I really envy her. And I know my dreams or goals maybe not come true because they did come true for her. So far, she is teaching I wonder how that's going?
Also, I want to meet Arashi and have a paint ball fight with them and give them facials,aish, I'm really turning into a rabid Arashi fan aren't I? I really don't want to be one of those fans, they scare me in a way. Only because the claim a fellow Arashi member that I really like. Like most claim Jun or Sho. It's really hard for me to except. I hope one day all of the Arashi members, all of them, find there one true loves, this will make me happy and give me faith that everyone has someone and that the god really exist? No, that I will meet someone like me or for me. This will make me truly happy.
Written at Monday, April 13, 2009 | back to top

I was wondering do you think it's wrong for a girl who is 13-17 to date older men? I mention this because someone mentioned that an American idol named Miley Cyrus is dating an older guy and plus I'm really a book called: Dangerously Alice who says she dates older men. I myself have never dated and have at that, dated an older guy.
I think it's ok, because real boys of an age like 13-15 act really immature. Even at the age 16-18 the guys act really immature but I think it depends on your preference and all. I mean there's bad reasons and things-but really I think the boy population of the world or only in the america the boys are highly annoying and immature beyond knowing.
I made this blog private now because I'm done pleasing people with lies about my life like I'm half black and half korean and I was born in Seoul, now that I think about it I feel really bad about writing that and allowing everyone to believe, but really it didn't change anyone's outlook on me as...more cooler or something like that.
Also I like to keep to myself and there for if the forums had to go, allowing people who I don't want to view my blog and even random people viewing my blog has to go.
I feel really free now. Like I can talk about whatever and whenever I want, I feel proud of myself for thinking of such a genius thing.
So the new timeline:
Pure-Hanako Sanjyo (public): Aug.2007-Apr.2009
^Wow, for 3 years almost with half lies...
Poppin' Pink
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When ever I talk to my friends they always tell me to get a cellphone. The truth is that I had a cellphone before it's just that:
1) I never really used it
2)I find a cellphone somewhat useless
3)I only really had to use it 3 times
4)I get unnecessary calls.
5)My little sister stole it

And even with that said they still ask me about why I don't have cellphone!
Updating from yesterday:
I deleted all the forum accounts I have, that includes H!O <-that forum is nothing but trouble I tell you. You have old,dirty men there saying how hot one girl is and then posting images of them half or naked-pasted onto someone else's body.
^I'll tell you an event that happened with that, I was in this one society called WHOA on H!O-It's not as active as it once was, but it's still there, but anyway they always have these weekly chats, so I'm there and then some pervert posts up some gif of Aya M with her top slipping down,note I didn't really know it was that, all he did was say: Everyone here's a link, click it and so I did.
After that, the chats have been nothing but weird and awkward, but that ok. Now, whenever they have the chats I don't join. It actually one of the reasons why I got rid of my MSN messanger.
Plus, I feel weird fangirling or admiring another's girl beauty-some girls do that it's innocent I guess, but I think weird, so I stopped. Well, as of yesterday I did and also I wasn't admiring Qian Lin's beauty only her funniness and personality-plus she has a good singing voice. Now, the only thing I have with Hello! Project is just their music, their music is really good, I guess.

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Zebra White
Written at Sunday, April 12, 2009 | back to top

Do they really have that color? Today I feel like a different person. I was thinking of bands and artists, and things. I love music, and I'm a big music fan. My current obession is Arashi. I this band a lot, there very down to earth and unique. But lately, I've been going online and I myself think the fandom is crazy. The other day I talked about having a dream about Sho. We have many things in common, and I would one day like to meet him-he's someone I look up to, as a male figure. I don't have to many people that are males that are really good idols or inspire me to become a smarter or better person. But luckily he does...
Well, I really posted this entry to express that I don't want to be a fan of any musician, I just want to like there music. This is will be very hard. I would continue but I don't think I have to the time or heart to.
But one thing I will probably keep doing is dreaming...of Arashi-I guess~

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Blood Red
Written at Saturday, April 11, 2009 | back to top

The dreams I've been having, are nothing but terrible! Well, they make me seem crazy is all.
Would you like to here? (^_^)?
Maybe you shouldn't...Really? Are you sure you want to hear?
Well, the other day I had a dream that, I was fairy or butterfly...A fairy with butterfly-like wings. And I was with matsujun and I had been taken away from him and into a this fairy universe. There in my previous life it was said that I had been madly in love with a guy name-Maru (who looks like:Sho Sakurai) who was a vampire. A fairy and a vampire?! I know it's crazy.(*^_^*).
Anyway, so there I am in Fairy World or FairyVille and I see him, he notices me right away, but I tell him I don't him and then all of sudden he hugs me and all the memories come back,to me. So I guess we come friends and then there's a guy from his vampire village whose jealous of our friendship and tries to break it up, actually many people do this in my dream. The guy's name Kuro-Maru or Kuro Sho-he evil. And so there's my dream <(*^_^). Really embarssing I know, but since this is my blog I can write as many embarrssing things as I want, humph!

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Pretty in Pink
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I keep forgetting to mention that my house is getting sold soon. It's a sad thought but, we just don't have the money like we use to and plus our landlord doesn't seem to take much of a liking to my mother. Really, it's all sad, but luckily I got a new laptop. Not really. My little brother and sister's laptops are being taken away from a recent scandal of them chatting online to people about inapproiate things-that I can't even say here. This laptop is really cute and highly small. I can take it anywhere I go! But, with my old laptop you can do the same but it was really big and not small like this. Here's what is looks like:

The keys are really hard getting use to but I'll try to get use to them. Plus the memory on this thing is very small, it makes me sad-but whatever, I just going to be on here to blog,listen to music and write stories (they're about celebrity couples, but I don't want to call them fanfics). Oh, yeah, I found my tamagotchi and it was dead. Yes, dead. D-E-A-D! I was very upset, but figured it was the best, I never had a tamagotchi that lived passed 2Gen.

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Darth Gray
Written at Monday, April 6, 2009 | back to top

I'm really upset because on Saturday or Sunday, I broke my favorite CD with all my favorite songs on it and also lost my tamagotchi. Today, I found my tamagotchi and it wasn't dead. I was surprised, but also very happy. Haru lives! Anyway,today I have no homework, I think I should post this here because this will one day where I don't have homework in any classes. As for my report card, I didn't get it yet but I feel like I didn't do so great in the class, also math. But let's not talk about math. Let's talk about science...well, maybe not I'm starting to get bored typing out how I feel about that class. Well, I going back to sleep. Goodnight.

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Today I didn't participate in gym, and I feel very incomplete. What can I say, I was ultra lazy today. It was sad,grayish day. Usually one of my favorite types of days, but I today was different. Anyway, forget about gym it has already happened. I would rant about a boy that had asked me out in the beginning of the year but since I turned him down, he's now "starting" to like my friend,Alice. It's a really crazy life I lead,I guess.

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Chrisom Black
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I really and truly hate my brothers and sisters, and don't even try to give me a speech about it your hormones your a teen you know, or those are your siblings you could be a bit nicer-No! Those freaking lunatics, drunk up all the milk! I love cereal and it's one of the only things I can actually eat my house that doesn't contain milk since all of the people living in my house are meat eaters. But no they drank it all up and then had the nerve to not wash their own bowls and etc. I know I'm the washers and all but one wash is good enough or even 2. Not 4 washes in one day, what the heck, you think I'm a freaking dishwasher?!
I hate them so really bad because they tipped over my flower vase! That's is unforgivable and unforgettable!
I wish I was only child at times or that I wish that it was only me and my older sister. I don't care if I have myself up to my ears in chores, I really can't take life anymore having a 10,11, and 13 year brothers and a sister than act like freaking 4 and 5 years old. Plus my brother, the older one who is 13, gets on my nerves almost as much as the 11 and 10 year old.


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I had a good day, today. I guess. The only part that irked me the most is that at lunch time when are not free to roam around the school. It's a our lunch time, we can spend however we like. And just spending it roaming the always and visiting teacher is obviously how me and friend,Alice like to spend it. We should not have to be questioned and stared down by teachers of any kind even if they are the priest. I was telling some old lady that I talk to often this and she and my friend Alice agreed that since the priest of the school questioned me on this I was not to oblige to him. But I could care less, it's my lunch time,right, let me alone. I was really shocked at my friend Alice because just the other day he yelled at her for being in the hallways during lunch time. And it's not like were goofing off or anything it's just we don't want to eat or have nothing to eat so we go in the hall and look at awards or people's artwork. And each day it's so annoying and boring in the cafeteria with people begging you for money so they can get lunch, when you do not have your own. I on the other hand choose to not eat lunch because I'm a vegetarian and they have nothing on the menu for a healthy person or vegetarian such as myself.
Later on today, we went out to eat and I had a really fun time. I think I'm letting myself go really. I weight at least a good 63kg- and I blame my mother because we all go out to eat almost every week nowadays and it's really starting to show on me. If you look very hard at me you would think I was at least 50kg or 57 kg-tops. But never 63kg. I hope to loose weight by the end of the school year. Hopefully. At least just drop myself down to 45kg or 47kg-it doesn't matter.
In the car when we driving home I thought about back at the restaurant we were having a lot of fun the way we use to when that "man" wasn't around. I was so upset I cried but secretly. I really,really miss those days,you know?
This makes me laugh all day I've been saying you know.
Hey, notice my new sound in my blog post,today. I sound very smart,correct. See I learned that from humans~
I wish I had my blue skin again...
I'm also happy because one of my dear friends Rai, finally got a personal blog, I kind of feel weird posting on her DBSK fan blog, you know? But now on her personal blog we and everyone else has permission to talk about whatever,whenever-it's very cool. And I happy she finally got her a blog.
Rai rai I miss you also~ hey, email me anytime ok~ or I'll just stalk your blog

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I think it's time I got this out...And I don't know how to tell everyone but...I'm an Alien!
Yup and alien and just to check I took a quiz on and it said I was an alien. But I didn't like one of their questions, it said, do I want to take over the world? Of course not, I want to help the humans, from my planet, we like to help people and that's why I came here when I was merely 6 or 8 years or in human years but about 500 or 600 in uranian years or alien years. I'm still very young for an alien now. While some are at least 15000 or 70000 in uranian years, that is very old, I must say. And also, how do I know english so well? I'll tell you, I know many languages, and some I must study because I forgot them in my earlier years-100 years to be exact. What planet and I'm from, well it differs I use to live on the planet name Azuze (english pron.:az-su-say). It was very hot there and I had to leave very quickly. I dislike hot weather, you know. Then I moved to a colder a planet named Rabe (eng. pron.:ra' b ay). It was too cold and I had to leave also very quickly. Then I settled on a very lively planet name Uranus-I like this planet a lot, the weather was warm and nice and everything had a very cool greenish-bluish color. I would have stayed there longer if I had not heard someone scream from ear, I do have super good hearing,you know. And so I setted off for the United States. Where I had to shed my light blue shell of skin and fit in. Do I like it here? At times, but most of the times, I think...maybe not.
Shall I leave soon? Maybe, but there are many people who I have to help here and so far I only saved or helped 100 people in the united states, there are 6 million people here so you must understand that that isn't enough.

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Today is April Fool's day! Which means it my brother's birthday. Today in school, I shall a good because of him. What is April Fool's day? I think only the United States has it but for kids a day you play pranks in celebration on a man who once played pranks a lot, this adaption is from King Charles IX changed that to January 1, some people stayed with April 1. Those who did were called "April Fools" and were taunted by their neighbors. <-How sad.
But anyway I just found out that only these countries celebrate it, try and find yours,ok?
UK,France,United States,Australia, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa and Ireland.
Hana felt last night, I'm very sad. She was 6 years old and left her son Haru with me. I will take very good care of him.

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