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Written at Friday, August 21, 2009 | back to top

I saw the new Fefe Dobson's music video, titled "I want you". And I must say, I hate the song and video. I'm into her old stuff, not her new stuff. Anyway, my point is. I want saw her hair and it was so cool! It was straight and black. I was always a fan of jet black hair and I mean always. I have brown hair, no more like a light brown and in the sun red hair. I don't like this medium of hair color. I want black hair! Hopefully, I get permission to get this done. If you don't understand, then check out my other blog, princess days (for short).
Oh yeah, I changed my blog layout to this really cute one. It's suppose to be a garden like it?
Written at Sunday, August 9, 2009 | back to top

I started a new blog called, Nishizawa Hanako's 100 princess day. Haha, I liked the title and I realized that some of the things I write here, should be seperate. You know the un private things. On the S.H.'s 100 princess day blog I write about my family and their funny moment. The title is really different from the summary I just gave right?
That's it for now, see ya.
Written at Saturday, August 8, 2009 | back to top

Each time I think about it. I get madder and madder. I had $180 in my bank account. My mother took the money out, as you know. She spend it on something-anything stupid. It was not food or drink for me or my brothers and sisters, so it's stupid.
I had planned to save that money for a rainy day or to spend on santagotchi. Another tamagotchi I would like feverishly.
But, instead, I now only have $36 in account and also $7 in my saving. I'm so angry, you really have no idea. My sister is suppose to call the bank and tell them what happen and hope they take pity on us. That will hopefully get my $100 back, but still, that 100, will be going towards my exmotchi which is $149. I want to put it on hold, but the man I'm buying it from Shinya, has already or hopefully has already bought it. And to make matters much worse, I forgot I bidded on item and must pay that within 7 days on a report will be filled on me for the 7th time! This is all terrible and it's all thanks to my mother. I knew something was up when she told me I had a negative in my account, I was thinking in my head, how can that possibly, be the cause. I know how to mange money, but that old demon stole my money! I weep each time I think about it, for it was not right for her to do such thing to I. I now have to save up every little penny from my next two pay check. I shall no longer pray for rainy days.
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Did you know that I love the after taste of Green Tea? And do you know that I now leave the light on after last night when I saw the daddy long legs, and couldn't sleep. I went to my mom's room (my room from time-to-time) and ask her to kill it. She said she was too tried and told me to sleep in the room. I couldn't sleep in the bed after what you remember that? And so I slept on the floor. I believe she felt bad and so she went in the room and killed it with my shoe. My shoe! But I didn't care as long as it was gone. Would you believe me if I told you, in that saw day I killed a daddy's long legs off my counselor, Linda's shoe?
David called a total of 4x today, I didn't answer the 2,3,4th time because the phone died, and also I wasn't here. Even if I was here, I wouldn't want to talk to him. He likes to hear me laugh. I have been through a lot of stuff that I can't bring myself to laugh, so I fake laugh-alot. At him, my mom, and even sometimes my older sister. To spare them hurt feelings. When I fake laugh, I don't hurt myself at all. But am I hurting them when I fake laugh? Can they detect it?
I email alot people the other day about my desire EXmotchi. I will stop at nothing to get one of those genius toys. They will make a fine addition to my Tamagotchi collection. So far I only own a genjintch,musicstar and tamagotchi school. I use to own, much more than that, until one of my family members threw it out, I forgave them, but each time I think about it I feel so hurt and feel like screaming. Not so much thrashing them into the ground. I think as you grow up, you keep something from your childhood. Since, I'm still in my childhood, I plan to take my tamagotchi collection with me until I'm gray and old and pass them down to my children, that is...if they would like them. And that is..if I have children...people always compare me to my aunt. Who is not married, is a peacemaker, easily hurt, probably easy to muniplicate and determined and basically a saint, through and through. She doesn't have children and is not married and in this family that's a crime. And I, for one don't know why.
Written at Wednesday, August 5, 2009 | back to top

On a whim, I decide to create a Berryz Koubou/Kobo blog. I started one before but I deleted because someone was boring me terribly on it. Sort of like a stalker who called me names and plus I think people lost interest in it(that one was a lie, it was actually picking up nicely). Anyway, the new blog I have is so hot. And I know I said I never was going to get a Twitter and now I have one,sadly. I'm going to delete it soon. I see no reason in getting a Twitter when you can have a regular blog and post small entries. Of course, I could never post a small entry because my mind is always jampacked! But still I like talking anyway. Oh yeah here's a picture of my post from JE. I didn't get too comments about it, just 5-6 altogether but 1 person started the convo. So...
Free Image Hosting at
I feel complete
Written at Sunday, August 2, 2009 | back to top

It's so interesting. Humans I mean. They say, "I won't do this anymore" or "this is bad" and do it anyway. Is it me or do I see the world way differently. Oh yeah, I never won the teen book contest, that I posted on so many of my blogs, I'm highly upset. Oh yeah and I almost forgot, I can cross this off the list of things I wanted to do in my life. It was to post a secret on secert post site. I put my own JE secrets, at first I wanted it to be Kpop, but instead I choose JE because I saw my new favorite Kat-tun member Ueda with an african american guy and they were laughing and joking and this gave me hope.
Pure, new found hope.
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I don't know how that boy, David, smells like but whatever it is. Is not working for him. I want to say it's sweat, but I don't know. Wait, that must be it! Anyway, I'm fighting with someone, guy or girl it doesn't matter, about STAND, he thinks all STANDers are stupid just because they don't worship his or her girls' generation. It really sounds like a boy. Anyway, many things have been roaming my mind. And to this point I must express them out or I'm go crazy (this is easy to do) or explode.
1. My family is nuts as you
2. I don't want to talk to David anymore, he's not funny and everyone believes he gay and my mother believes he's psycho.
3. At this rate I'll be single forever, not like we were going out to begin with, psh!
4. This girl on Silent Tears the "stuck up one with glasses" is my new idol.
5. Even though I hate Jessica Jung I'm still really jealous of her.
6. I'm at my mom's job typing this and must look behind my back every sound I hear.
7. My mom just came and I gave her a quick talking to about reading people's diaries.
8. Anyway, it's hot back here and I'm sweating, maybe it could be because of the wool jacket I'm wearing.
9. My hair is short and I hate it but I'm not going to put ext. in my hair until school.
10. I might have to go to bishop maggin again, I don't want to! I want to go to Korea Kent Foreign School!!!
11. In the winter, I'm going to korea, I can't wait but I don't think it will happen, I don't even have a passport.
12. My sister got mad at me on Wed. because Chris's pamper wasn't changed and I didn't know about it. FYI, I didn't have the boy, so how what I know he's need his diaper change! Now, I'm kicked out of the room.
13. My mom's friends are bad people. So my mom hanging out with them makes her bad right?
14. I wish I had a great idol...
15. I love ekip high, I was listening to them all day, when it was raining.
16. New layout, I just changed it. As much as I love Namie. That skin is super old.
17. I can't lie anymore, I'm addicted to ebay and something I'm bidding on is about to end ^_^ It's a tamagotchi angel, US ed. It's pretty rare.
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Haha! Koi no Hana and Pure are tied in post but not for very long. Do you know I feel like a man for coming back to this blog, when I want to. Really I have no shame!
Anyway, today I went shopping with my sister, David called me and told me he cut his hair and I told him I also did, which I really did I just took my extensions. I'm currently also active on a forum for teenagers who read books, like I. Also, I was offered a spot to become a library intern. My mom believes I will stick with this, but I won't because becoming a librarn is something I don't want to become when I get older. I really want to become a korean singer, like someone I admire and hate, Jessica Jung from Girls' Generation. But, really, if that's not acceptable then I would much rather become a teacher. And this is what I want to do with my life. At first this was all a little light laugh but now it's starting to get heavy because I'm suppose to meet with this women on Sat. August 8 and 9:00a.m. Yes, A.M.! Do I even wake up that early? On Sat, I finally got my genjintch and credit card at the same I was happy. I ordered my genjintch about a week ago and got it yesterday, that was quick,right?