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Amaranth Pink
Written at Sunday, February 8, 2009 | back to top

I was on a news site that gives you news on things related to the K-pop world. Aside from being so in tune with J-pop, I also really love K-pop. And so, I saw an article on a member from SNSD. Her name is Kim TaeYeon and she had said a very racism or ignorant comment on A.A.(African Americans,Black people etc.) and I felt very offended because I'm half black and what she said was not right. Is she saying that I'm not pretty. I think I'm ugly but for her to say that makes it seems that all A.A are all ugly, except for one person or it's really a shock for someone like Alicia Keys to be from such a race because everyone looks so bad. Overall, I know she didn't know better but many other people who said they have,had or are currently living in Korea and they understand racism and what she said was not acceptable. There were also a lot of fans defending her knowing what she said was horrible. And I thought SNSD's Tiffany and Jessica were bad. Being a leader she should know better. And that brings me to these points.
This also made me think long and hard about people I look up to in the music business. I made a list. It's not in order...
I picked Park Jin Young because this man is truly talented. He's done work for WG and everytime he comes out with a song it's really a big hit. Also I'm a fan of his personally. My favorite song of his is: She was Pretty.
I picked Namie Amuro because no matter what she kept going, with the divorce of her husband,having a child,dealing with her mom's death...this would have drove me insane or on the edge, but as for Namie she really is a true fighter and for that she is my probably my #1 idol or in the top 3.
I picked Wonder Girls because this group has to be my personal favorite girl girl ever,despite TLC and Destiny's Child(but those girls are inactive). I really envy these girls because there in a group where they can depend on eachother. I guess that what I really want to do when I grow up. Become famous and join a girl group. They are also in my top 3.
I picked Hong Ki from F.T. Island, because first he's my favorite member and he's really cute~! Of course, I love the group as a whole but he's also my favorite because he has such a powerful voice and when he sings it's with great passion. I envy this quality he has in singing.
I picked DBSK because well...they are legend and because they each have a very unique personality and voices. Plus they share a bond like brothers. I envy this also, and that's why I would like to be in a musical group.
I picked Ayumi Hamasaki because she writes her own lyrics and when she write it's like her heart is in the words. I wish I could do that. I've tried but it doesn't seem...correct. She also has a stronger voice and it's also high pitched, I always wanted a high pitched voice-but I lost it in 7-8th grade.'s getting late so I'll finish up tomorrow. Good Night.

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Brilliant Rose
Written at | back to top

Today when I woke up in my room, it was super cold. Have you ever woken up cold before? I think it's dangerous to the human body but some people actually like it. Sometimes, I wake up like this and I also have colds. I'm very happy today because I'm eating banana-nut muffins. My new favorite muffin. Blueberry was my favorite,but just recently I really love banana-nut.
I want to post more in the future, hopefully with my laptop working properly again, I can do that. So anyway, what you're favorite muffin? Chocolate?, Orange?, Cinnamon?.

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Alice Blue
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I'm so tired, I've been up all day. From 7:53 now to 5:16. Doing nothing but read, play my Nintendo wii, and surf the Internet. Oh and rearrange music on my ipod. I haven't been online in a while because my laptop was acting very weird. It still is, but I'm just lucky it hasn't turned off completely by now. Lately it's been very static-y, I don't know what's been going on. But, anyway, I felt like today I should write in my blog because nothing but madness has been coming from my house. My sister-(whom is pregnant and very superstition) has announced that my "so-called father" is using black magic to control my mother. I never heard of this before, but she has been acting very weird lately like having traumas,getting angry easily at me and taking my "father's" side-which she never does! Now, we're both at the point where we are not talking to each each. Just last week my sister's theory finally made it's way in my brain and thought about it for a long time. What if he is? I waved it because I think that's against my religion to believe in such a think but it does sort make sense...
I got my report card a few days ago and it was the report I got in my whole entire life~! I'm very proud of myself. My sister is also. My mother on the hand-probably was proud by didn't show it. And for him? He didn't see. I really don't pay attention to him,that much. Anyway, Inuyasha just finally went off, I guess that's what I stayed up all night for. Now that it's over I might as well just go to bed. Oh yeah, and what did I get for my birthday? Nothing really special, just books. I know that most people get like big flashy things for the birthday but this year I went for something classic and smart.

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