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"Can't stop the Disco."
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I was tagged by Fika!

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List 8 random facts about yourself

:: I love Shim Changmin
:: I love the color yellow,white and pink
:: I'm also smitten with Oguri Shun,Jun M. and sho sakurai(don't tell Changmin)
:: Half korean on my father side
:: The 2nd oldest child
:: Tallest girl I know beside my cousin
:: Likes to watch many dramas(kdrams,cdramas,jdramas)
:: Currently listening to Ami Suzuki's-Can't stop the Disco-which I love this song!


First name:
~ Chohee

Name you wish you had:
~ Hanako,Ae Cha,Sun Mi maybe Ayumi or Namie.

What do people normally your name as:
~ ??Hanako

~ Jan. 21st

~ Seoul,SK

Time of birth:
~ 8pm-11pm

Single or taken:
~ taken-Changmin owns me~


H0w tall are you:
~ 178 cm

Wish you were taller:
~ No, I'm wish I was actually shorter

Eye colour:
~ Brown

Current hair color:
~ Brown

short or long hair:
~ Mid.length

ever dye your hair a bizarre color:
~ Never

last time you did something dramatic with you hair:
~ I cut it really short.

glasses or contact:
~ I don't wear my glasses often, like Changmin.

do you were make up:
~ Sometimes

paint your nails:
~ Yes, it's coming off

in a opposite gender

what color eye:
~ Brown

what color hair:
~ Brown,Black or Blond

shy or outgoing:

sexy or cute:
~ Cute,will do.

serious or fun:
~ Serious

older or younger than you:
~ Older~

a turn on:
~ Has the cutest smile ever

a turn off:
~ Is smarter than me by 2 IQ points

this or that

flowers or chocolates:
~ Flowers

pepsi or coke:
~ I don't drink soda

rap or rock:
~ Rap-but I love kpop more

relationship or one night stand:
~ What kind of question is this?! Relationship.

school or work:
~ Work

love or money:
~ money...I'm confused...Money(sorry but I'm broke at the moment)

movie or music:
~ Both

country or city:
~ City

sunny or rainy days:
~ Rainy days

friends or family:
~ Family-always

have you ever lie:
~ Yeh

stole something:
~ erm never! but people always stole my things. arghhhhh.

~ huh?

hurt someone close to you:
~ I don't know

broke someone's heart:
~ Never

Had you heart broken?
~ Never

wonder what was wrong with you:
~ A lot of things

wish you were prince or princess:
~ Princess, but if I were prince that would fine,too.

like someone who was taken:
~ Nope.

Saved your head:
~ No

used chopstick:
~ Yes.

sang in the mirror to yourself:
~ No.

favorites flower:
~ daisy, lillies, sunflower,roses,iris.etc.

~ It's ok.

junk food:
~ I'm trying to cut back

~ I had a few but I retired them.

~ US of A

~ Dog


ever cried over someone:
~ Yes. Celebritys,Stuff Animals.etc.

is there anything you wish you could change about yourself:
~ I want to be super pretty like my idol Lee Da Hae.

do you think you're attractive:
~ H*ll No.

if you had to choose a fairytale as your life what would you choose:
~ Snow White,Alice In Wonderland or Sleeping Beauty

Do you play any sports:
~ No. But I'm good at badminton.

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