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Written at Sunday, February 17, 2008 | back to top

Well, I gotten a text message from one of my good friends Araine and she said that me and her other friend Sabrina should come and visit her in NJ since she always comes and visits us in NY. Well, my mom isn't sure yet but she's thinking about driving me over. She could probably drop Sabrina over too but we don't know yet because Araine has called her yet. I can't wait!!! It's going to be so much fun!

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Written at Friday, February 15, 2008 | back to top

Love, no one knows it. Actually, I've written lots of songs on it but I never really loved anyone but my mom,brothers and sister and other family members(not father). Well, anyway, after school after getting pressured by Rebecca I finally go over to her to house. I see my brother with his wacky friends and I he says how he was going to walk home...long story short he's a copier and he's a dumb a**. I mean I really hate him at this moment. Like, how I go over to Rebecca's house he thinks it's ok to go over his friend house. First, of all he always goes over to dumb friends house leaving me in the house to do nothing!!! And second of all he's always copying me. He's not my twin far from it and I think he should stay out of my life. At least now. Like now, I'm going to steer clear of him and my mother, whatever to my ugly father.

-Oh yeah, I made my decision to get these nails, cute right?!

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Are you ready to V5
Written at Saturday, February 9, 2008 | back to top

I just saw some really pretty tamagotchi v5 images and they are so cool. But I'm a little sad because I never got a chance to get a Famitama. But whatever, I still want this new tamagotchi. So,far I want the cute one with music notes or the one with all the かわいいね flowers on it. Well, I'm getting tired time to pack it in :D

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Written at Wednesday, February 6, 2008 | back to top

YAY! Happy one week anniversary to me or my blog PURE. It really is daily isn't it. My goal of today is to continue watching ISWAK and post 3 full diary entries. I didn't go to school today, but it's now officially 3.32 p.m. in NY. That means that school is already out and I'm going to ask someone online how school went. I can't now because I'm trying to hold all the food I had today down, so now I'm going to continue watching ISWAK and eat a begale.

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Written at | back to top

Actually, this is a new category. Well, actually a sub category of S-nation. I did this because this is where you can find all my sick or "fake" sick days. I hate having to play sick or whatever. But today is totally needed. Yesterday I was feeling totally bad like I told you but the reason reason is to miss gym. I hate gym and that dumb swim teacher. I think today or tomorrow we're suppose to be swimming with the boys and to me that says bad written all over it. Because I like guys, but the one in 4th per. are horribly ugly and plus, I don't want Julius messing with me. He's a guy that sounds really weird. Kinda like a guy a girl and he always bothering me. I know for a fact he doesn't like me.Photobucket
And also another reason why,I refuse to go to school is because I told one of my friend's crushes that she liked him. He said he could respond to her feelings at the moment-to put it nicely. I told her yesterday and she was like: "Sooooo". So obiviously she doesn't care if he likes or her or not, she just wants something to like that near her. Anyway, I feel like dummy for telling him and also telling him who I like.But that's ok because everyone already knows who I like. There haven't been too many rumors at our school. But in 7th there were a lot. Even though I'm "fake" sick I really want to go take a walk to go clear my head. Ugh! I feel so dumb and yucky.

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Written at | back to top

Lately, I've been eating junk food,Photobucketfrom my brother's birthday cake to my nutty bars (which I ate all of them in 2 days-usually it takes a week or 3). All I know is that it has to stop, I'm starting to eat like I haven't eaten in a week or someone. Which is true. Last week my father tried to starve us so we would learn a lesson on poverty. I dislike him strongly. But anyway, I think that's the real reason for my tiredness and stomach pains. Tomorrow afternoon, I officially give up on junk food, tomorrow morning I need junk food to keep me up sadly.Photobucket

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Written at Tuesday, February 5, 2008 | back to top

Yay! Another D-nation short. Well, today I was feeling really sick. Still am I think it's a virus or I'm reallyx34 hungry. Well, anyway, today I pulled my biggest acting scene out. I tried it on my dad. He didn't know, I used real tears. Well, not really real like they meant anything tears but something like that. And he not he's not mad at me and my mom said if I apologized to him about not saying hi and goodbye to him then I could get these really expensive pair of nails. They're 35.00 dollars and they are really kawaii-ne!Photobucket

Cute aren't they? They're the ones I that I did all the acting and fake crying for. Haha! I feel like my friend Shelby. She said she has control over father or at least that what she said today.Photobucket

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Written at Saturday, February 2, 2008 | back to top

Well, earlier I asked you how was it outside well here, in NY it's very cold and gray or at least the part where I am it's very cold and gray.
I'm not outside so I can't tell you or predict how cold it is but doesn't it look cold. That's a picture from my backyard. Well, anyway, I'm going to continue listening to my music. Currently I'm listening to Namie Amuro,Koda Kumi, and Ai Ostuki. Is that her last name? Otsuki or Ostuki. I don't know but it does start with O. Anyway, have a safe time where ever you are.Photobucket

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Every saturday morning I have to have this item what is it?
A.NANA(movie) B.Nutty Bars C.Pancakes
There all very close but the correct answer is B. Nutty Bars. I have to have this item ever saturday morning or I'll die or being nutty-less. And to show I'm not lying I have a picture to prove it. Well, you have to admit they're very tasty Photobucket I mean I love them. You should try them, you get the Hanako Sanjyo 5 flower approval. Well, enough about food, how about the weather is it nice over there? I bet you it is lol

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Written at Friday, February 1, 2008 | back to top

Have you ever done the dishes before? Do you like it?
Yes: You can have my job
No: I feel you pain
Well, I hate doing dishes, first off why I hate them is because their so big!
And also the fact that I have to wash them bothers me alot. Because my father(a person I dislike very much-another story). He's loves to pile up dishes for me to wash. I hate that but luckily, I manage to wash them before he got here Photobucket
So, that's one good thing, I get out of washing dishes at my house because my mom made up a rule that says I only have to wash them once a day, and to day there was a total of 10 dishes and 4 forks and spoons so that was good. So, it wasn't that bad but I know it's going to wroster and wroster everyday with him and eating like a pig. Anyway, I'm going to settle down and watch Hana Yori Dango until my Lovely Complex movie is done downloading. I can't wait!Photobucket

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Written at | back to top

I hate talking about this because it's so embrassing but today I got my monthly, my friend,the red dot. Well in other terms I got it and it takes a while to get rid of. Like today I was terribly moody and alot of guys were hitting on me. Isn't that weird? I think it's weird. Anyway, I'm going to go watch some japanese movies like Lovely Complex and maybe you should,too!lol

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