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Written at Sunday, February 21, 2010 | back to top

It's been a long run right?
Me and u. I've had my ups and downs. And I showed both my good and bad sides in this blog.
I'm now 16 years old. That's an adult in most countries and also old enough to get you thrown in jail in most states...(-.-)
And so I'm going to close this blog.
I feel like crying a little a bit because I've had this blog for so long, but I haven't posted in like 2 months and that's what leads me to say I'm going to end it here and start a new in another blog I just create.
Well not just created. I had it for about a few months now. It's really cool also.
It's PURE part II if you well.
Well, that's not the title but it's the theme (^_^)
Ok, well bye my friends and readers~
It's weird, I'm listening to Jay-Z's forever young when I type this.
Could that possibly be the theme song for this blog?

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Written at Wednesday, December 30, 2009 | back to top

Hi everyone, I know where have I been in a while, right?
Haha (^_^)v!
Anyway, I've currently been reading the young adult book called, Hush,Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick.
I'm only on chapter 2 so I can't really say if I love or like the book but so far the book is really great. It reminds me somewhat of twilight.
The characters are quite vivid, also the story is quite funny also.
The only problem I have is some of the vocabulary, it's very challenging or at least there are a few words I should look up.
Here's a few:
-Derisive:mocking or taunting
-Inversion:An act of inverting
-Innuendo:Indirect information about a person or thing
Written at Sunday, December 27, 2009 | back to top

Before I go to bed, I want to tell you how my day went.
Well, while I was in the Japanese book store called, Kinokuniya (???).
The first time I went the lady seemed nice, but the second time I went she seemed mean and confused.
The third time I went, she wasn't there and the service was nice~.
Basically, I went to the store 3 times in 1 day, haha, she probably thought I was stalking her or something.
I also went to Claire's and bought a lot of earrings (I'll take pictures).
And got about 4 Japanese magazines, have you ever noticed how heavy and big Japanese magazines are?
If you haven't they are quite huge. I bought 2 Cutie magazines, Vivi and an Arashi magazine.
They were really expensive~!
Well, overall I had fun at the mall, the shopping, the experience and the lights.
Something I could do without there? The people, the people were really rude or maybe that's just me, for you see I don't go out the house much lately.
Written at Saturday, December 26, 2009 | back to top

YAY! We're going to Palisades mall today.
I really don't want to leave Joy-chan by herself but I will bring her back something great!
Oh, I feel bad now (;_・)
I WILL bring her back something terrific.
Also, while I'm there I'm going shop for earrings, I forgot my mom bought me a Claire's gift card so I'll be earring shopping like crazy~!
But still, once again I'm spending no more than $20.
(*´ο`*)=3 はふぅん I have to go now.
Written at Friday, December 25, 2009 | back to top

Joy still refuses to play or hang out with me. I guess I should give her a few more days to get to know me and browse around her new home.
Today at SK was...a new experience for me. I learned that if stares could kill I would be dead and also I learned that helping out people gives me or anyone a great feeling inside them, right?
Aww, it's 10:22 p.m. already? I feel like the day hasn't even begun, but for some reason I'm getting sleepy ( ´∀`)!
I guess it's best if I do get some rest (hey that rhymed) because tomorrow we shall be going to the Palisades mall, we've(my family w/o Joy-chan) has been wanting to go for a lot time now. When I get there, there's a few places I would like to visit. Like for instance the Hello Kitty store they have there and a cool Japanese bookstore that sells a lot of Japanese and Japanese related stores, when I go I want to pick up a few Arashi CDs and Magazine, hopefully I don't go over my limit of $20.
Oh yeah, and don't forget to remind me that I have to go and buy a hamster ball, new food and new bedding for Joy-chan~!
Written at | back to top

Is today my first post if 2009? With me posting and creating new blogs you would think the last time I wrote in here was 2008, haha XD.
Today is Christmas, a day most people would call relaxing or even a fun day to spend with the family. My older sister isn't here so how family-oriented can you get,right? She makes everything fun or funny.
What did I receive on this bountiful day?
-A laptop (I'm using it now~)
-A hamster, I named her Joy but I might change it later.
-A necklace & earring set (gold, ewww, but for now I'll ignore it, I'm wearing the earrings and necklace now)
-A cellphone (It's the instinct, I've wanted that phone forever)
-A $200 debit/credit card
-A Barnes and Noble card (with the American girls on it :P)
-A yellow ipod (the newest one)
And probably some other stuff, but I just can't think about it...
Today, as a family, we are going to a homeless or soup kitchen and help serve the less fortunate people in our community, usually I wouldn't care, and I would agree to go. But I don't know, I feel like I shouldn't have to this on Christmas...basically I'm acting spoiled and I don't like that about myself.
What's going on now? Everyone is getting ready to go to the soup kitchen (SK) and Joy is sleeping. Hey, did you know I am really spent a little of my credit/debt card? I think I only spent about $24 dollars but still...That's a lot in my book.
Written at Monday, November 30, 2009 | back to top

Today I met with Christina- my Korean teacher who is 20 years old. She kept apologizing about missing me at the movie theaters but I'm OK with it, it was my fault actually-or even my mother's fault for not coming earlier when I reminded her I was suppose to meet her.
It seems like everything day I'm doing something for someone. Yesterday it was doing my sister's homework and now it's helping my friend Alice with draw pictures for her Spanish project. Well, I want someone to do something for me, for a chance.
My mom has 2 more days off, I'm happy. She's worked her hardest at her 2 jobs for several years she deserves a break, especially since she's always complains about them,too.
Written at Thursday, November 26, 2009 | back to top

Why are sisters so cruel? I asked my sister if i could use her laptop just for a second and she says no, like a committed a crime or something. Well is that life?
Written at | back to top

Today is thanksgiving. Today started off as rocky but then got better, funny right? ^_^
Written at Friday, August 21, 2009 | back to top

I saw the new Fefe Dobson's music video, titled "I want you". And I must say, I hate the song and video. I'm into her old stuff, not her new stuff. Anyway, my point is. I want saw her hair and it was so cool! It was straight and black. I was always a fan of jet black hair and I mean always. I have brown hair, no more like a light brown and in the sun red hair. I don't like this medium of hair color. I want black hair! Hopefully, I get permission to get this done. If you don't understand, then check out my other blog, princess days (for short).
Oh yeah, I changed my blog layout to this really cute one. It's suppose to be a garden like it?