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Written at Thursday, January 31, 2008 | back to top

Hey, I was thinking about Hana Yori Dango a very popular drama in the US and Japan, but mostly japan because it was originated there, and I'm on episode 9. I'm really happy that I'm finishing up the drama because I had really started and then I like it and then I stopped watching it because of school work and then I just couldn't go back to it. So, I dropped it and now I'm back into it and I'm caught up because I watched each episode carefully. But, now I've noticed when you get closer to the end of the second season that main character that girl(Makino) keeps on breaking it on and off with that F4 leader(Domyouji) and that's really annoying. And that guy who plays Rui H, he's really cute I can't believe Mari-chan dated him. He seems so serious and not funny and carefree like her. I guess opposites attract.Photobucket
*Mari-chan (mari Yaguchi-Morning Musume)

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Welcome to my first ever blog, I'll try to post often so you won't be left behind. So, I won't be left behind. Isn't crazy? Yeah, that thing. The thing that you have to go to everyday with people you know,sort know, or just don't know at all. Yup, you guess right it's school-in this case public school. I like school-sometimes. Actually it's very rare and I think sometimes they just give out too much homework,test and the people can be very rude. But I don't like to complain alot because I later I have to go to that school. Actually, the best part is that I only have 5 more months of that school and then I don't have to go back to it. It's my last year and my school and I'm pretty happy, this year of 9th grade in a new school, I'll hopefully make it awesome. The school I go to has some perks,though. Like at the end of the year we can go to Six Flags,we get dances and a prom and that's it. But really they have to give us all that stuff because we are in charge of putting there name back into the papers and make them the top school with our grades. Plus, as for the prom and dances we have to pay money for the ticket and don't even get me started on Six flags, we have to pay for that,too. I think it's like 30 or 40 dollars to go. I have no idea but when I do, I saw give you much information on it. Oh yeah, I forgot to introduce myself, my name is [Cho Hee]. But I love the name Hanako so I love that much more who love it if people could start calling me that for now on. And the last name is Sanjyo.

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