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Written at Friday, December 25, 2009 | back to top

Is today my first post if 2009? With me posting and creating new blogs you would think the last time I wrote in here was 2008, haha XD.
Today is Christmas, a day most people would call relaxing or even a fun day to spend with the family. My older sister isn't here so how family-oriented can you get,right? She makes everything fun or funny.
What did I receive on this bountiful day?
-A laptop (I'm using it now~)
-A hamster, I named her Joy but I might change it later.
-A necklace & earring set (gold, ewww, but for now I'll ignore it, I'm wearing the earrings and necklace now)
-A cellphone (It's the instinct, I've wanted that phone forever)
-A $200 debit/credit card
-A Barnes and Noble card (with the American girls on it :P)
-A yellow ipod (the newest one)
And probably some other stuff, but I just can't think about it...
Today, as a family, we are going to a homeless or soup kitchen and help serve the less fortunate people in our community, usually I wouldn't care, and I would agree to go. But I don't know, I feel like I shouldn't have to this on Christmas...basically I'm acting spoiled and I don't like that about myself.
What's going on now? Everyone is getting ready to go to the soup kitchen (SK) and Joy is sleeping. Hey, did you know I am really spent a little of my credit/debt card? I think I only spent about $24 dollars but still...That's a lot in my book.